The responsibilities of a spiritual teacher

A real spiritual teacher is like the sun, nourishing his students with light and inspiration, so that they grow and unfold well like it is foreseen. A spiritual teacher is like a loving father taking care of his children so that they become adults under his wise guidance.

Indeed it is all about supporting and guiding mature souls towards a self-responsible, wise mastery in life in freedom being able to make the right and best decisions.

A spiritual master teaches about the laws of creation, the nature of God, of humans and the world itself.

And a good spiritual teacher is also a healer, someone who can help to dissolve blockades and imbalances, and to establish harmony and vitality in the microcosm.

A spiritual teacher is a guide, who guides mature souls to make certain experiences which make them understand the nature of reality, their own nature, which make them grow and unfold.

The relationship between a true spiritual teacher and his students is holy, most precious, based on true and unconditional love, and one of the highest experiences which humans can make. By the bond of love a permanent flow of divine influence is established towards the student which inspires, nourishes and refines him. It is a mystical gift. In India this is known from Satsang.

So in conclusion these are qualities which you should expect from a spiritual teacher. Freedom, love, respect, guidance – these qualities are the basis for a true relationship between a spiritual teacher and his student. Unfortunately we have quite a lot so-called spiritual teachers which lack a lot of these things and are more focused on the human level. So be wise whom you choose for your guidance and when you have the right person then maintain consciously all the good, all the ideals in your relationship with him or her. Experience consciously all the divine love and all the blessings which come along.

Celebrate walking the holy path!