How to face fears or dangers

There is a good way to manage fears and dangers and there is an unhealthy way.

The unhealthy way is to focus on your emotions which means to feed and strengthen them and to become controlled by them. When you are ruled by negative emotions you can do a lot of stupid things and make the bad situation even worse. The main problem here is that your bad emotions block your ability to think clearly and to stay calm to be able to control the situation. So in fact you are out of control and a victim of your emotions. Bad emotions are connected to the solar plexus center which is very active in such a moment.

The useful, positive way in dangerous or bad situations is to keep your attention on your master center, your Ajna chakra, the center of will power and concentration, also of logical thinking and present moment awareness.

This means, when your mind is focused on the master center between your eye brows, then it cannot be at the same time on the solar plexus with all its emotional reactions. Solar plexus is soul level and Ajna chakra is spirit level. These are great differences. When you are in your Ajna chakra, then it will be easier for you to stay “cool” and to think clearly, logically what action is the best one to manage the danger or to cope with a bad guy or an undesired, bothering conversation.

A real (spiritual) master is centered in his master chakra and with this he is able to deal with all kinds of bad or ugly situations where normal people would be in control of emotions.

To be aware in the master chakra offers you a superior attitude in all kinds of dangerous or bad situations, as well as for example in martial arts and negotiations.

I recommend to do some training to be well-prepared for the case of emergency if you have problems in this regard.

In the first step become aware what exactly is happening in a bad situation and how you, your body is reacting. This is a useful analysis of your subconscious patterns of behavior.

In the second step you should consciously activate your Ajna chakra and keep your awareness there. After some training you will be able to switch your mind, your attention easily to the master chakra and to stay there easily as well.

In the third step you imagine that you have to face a bad situation where you normally get upset, producing lots of fears, bad emotions, etc. But now right before you start your pattern of reaction, you move with your mind into your Ajna chakra to calm down, stay cool and think about the right action to manage the situation. This must be repeated and trained in various forms so that in the emergency case you automatically will react in the positive way.

Let´s take an example. Let´s imagine you are afraid of big dogs. So normally when you see from far away a dog, you directly start with fears and the impulse to run away. Your body is full of stress hormones, your heart beats faster and you breathe intensively. And when the dog comes near to you, you start maybe shouting and running which is making the dog run after you, eventually because he thinks that it is a game or because you activate his hunting drive. However it is not useful. Let´s imagine that you undergo the steps which I have described. First of all in your analysis you will become aware that your behavior is irrational and a matter of a bad situation in your childhood where a dog “attacked” you for playing. You understand now that not all dogs are evil and dangerous but maybe simply playful and if you do not bother them, they won´t bother you. These thoughts cause a change in your perception and understanding. Now you do the practical training and you experience that it is easy to stay cool when you are centered in your Ajna. It is easier for you now to face bothering situations, also bad and dangerous situations. And when you are in your Ajna, your soul stay cool too without real emotional reactions. Later in the real world, you meet someone with a dog and it feels easy to stay cool and to walk by without fears, etc.

This technique helps also when you show signs of nervousness in bothering situations. Just stay focused in your Ajna and then you can cope with even really ugly situations in a calm and logical way to manage them perfectly.

Later, if you like, you can also set a focus on the heat chakra to support your superior attitude also from the level of the soul. But this is not a must.