The Mystic´s Mission today

This is about a heartfelt desire. Today we face a diversity of problems and you can spend a lot of time with wondering where to start with problem solving as well as how to accomplish lasting results.

The problems of today appear in a hierarchy like the smaller branches of a tree are rooted in bigger branches which all lead into the trunk and then in the hidden roots in the earth. So we can try to manage all the small branches which takes endless effort or we access the level of the big branches or directly the trunk of the tree with the roots. Managing the roots of the problems with their diversity of symptoms is the most efficient and wisest way.

What are the roots of the complex of symptoms which we have to deal with? It is and always has been the lacking of true spirituality in people, society and religion.

If people are spiritual in their nature, there cannot occur any problems. And if an external problem might appear, it will be solved fast and easily by the spiritual power of the community.

So and what means spirituality in its core? Basically it is the knowledge of the existence of God, the higher worlds, the higher laws of nature, the true and hidden divine nature of the human being, the spiritual evolution of the soul and that we are meant to experience unity with the Divine Spirit, God, in love and light to enjoy creation as conscious creators of reality. As we all are children of God, we are meant to live together with the attitude of brotherly love and understanding, following the higher laws and showing compassion for all living beings. This is a short definition. In conclusion spirituality is a matter of knowledge (not belief), of attitude (the mature soul) and the corresponding behavior or deeds. We are here to develop the divine core in ourselves, to express the divine nature in all our actions and to enjoy the Divine Good in life.

The core of the core of spirituality is simply divine unconditional, all-embracing, all-understanding, all-compassionate love which naturally comes along with divine wisdom and purest divine vitality, also abundance and happiness.

So love is the message, divine love, love which does not ask for anything, which is only giving and blessing and nourishing.

Divine love is fulfilling. There are no needs and no desires left.

When you understand these simple things, then you understand heaven and you understand the circumstances of hell which we experience on earth. What we experience here are different states of deficiency instead of the divine abundance. Deficiency, the lacking of all important things, means suffering, means being blocked, means being enslaved, means being not free as we should be.

So indeed we need to break blockades, limitations, all unnatural states of deficiency. We have to reconnect to the divine source of life, of vitality, of health, of abundance, of love, of joy, of freedom, of the power to create in a lawful and positive way. Life needs to be ruled by love and wisdom. And love and wisdom need power to realize what is good and right for the benefit of all.

These ideas of love, of wisdom, of freedom are a message which has been given throughout the history of mankind in all cultures and all religions. But this message has been faded by lower, negative messages of darkness, selfishness and deficiency.

For the dark side it has been quite easy to manipulate and to change the meaning of the divine message. One way has been to limit the absolute love to the followers of a specific religion which is certainly nonsense. Another way has been to offer ambivalent teachings where in the end the message of love is replaced by the call to war and violence. This is certainly also nonsense. Divine love is absolute and cannot be limited in any way as this would be illogical.

When we take a look at religions in general then we can see the degeneration, the turn from light to darkness. Generally speaking religions have lost their spirituality to good degrees and are controlled now by lower desires of political power and keeping people limited, in states of deficiency instead of liberating them and supporting the unfolding of their inner divine nature. This process of degeneration as well as the dark control over people without wisdom and wisdom true love is the root of evil. It is the image of the evil god who appears like a human with bad characteristics and omnipotence at the same time.

The second root of evil is the agnostic, the materialistic, the atheistic age we experience especially in the Western World. It is the godless time where wise men have been warning people throughout history.

In both cases the vital core of spirituality is missing. Divine love and divine wisdom are missing.

And now we come to the mission of the mystics today.

It is up to us – the true lovers of God – to reawake the divine message, the true spirituality in religious followers and atheistic people.

And this can happen in a very beautiful and smooth way.

Every true mystic can offer public lectures in general or for specific religious traditions, for atheists as well as for spiritual traditions.

The core of such lectures is always the message of unconditional, divine love with all its consequences and its great vital power.

When people understand that it is all about love, that love is offering everything we need and desire, then people can activate love in their hearts and start changing the way of thinking, emotions and behavior. Then the dark teachings can lose their power in the best and most wonderful way. Then people can become free and enjoy life.

So these lectures work on the level of feelings as feelings touch the soul more than intellectual discussion could ever do. And the mystic is an expression of divine love and light and with this a light and love messenger.

And when the mystic explains all the virtues of love like wisdom, harmony, vitality, happiness, abundance, unity, etc. then people will understand what they have been missing so far and they will understand what has gone wrong with their religious teachings.

So in conclusion it is an enlightening process and a sharing of higher feelings. And this all can happen without causing any offence.

Further on we are certainly not here to replace any religious leaders or priests, etc. but to inspire and to vitalize the divine and absolute, spiritual core of religions and traditions. We can show the way with simple mystical exercises and meditations which fit into every religious background. There is no need to convince people for higher teachings, just for awakening love and wisdom and compassion.

This is my vision and this is the mission of all real mystics, all those who love God, who enjoy the unity with God, who are wise, humble, full of devotion, full of divine light. We are here to serve our brothers and sisters. It is all in the name of love and compassion.

When you feel the call of your heart to take part in this divine mission, then please contact me, so that we can discuss and work out in detail useful lectures. It is very important to follow a sophisticated strategy for maximum success without any problems.

It is time to set seeds for positive changes, – seeds of love and wisdom in the hearts of people.