Two main types of “bad”

There are a lot of bad things happening in the world. From the spiritual point of view it makes much sense to differentiate between two types of bad conditions or events in life.

“Bad” means suffering, also extra effort, hard conditions, etc. Something “bad” means a challenge for us. We have to deal with problems.

In life there is no real coincidence as everything follows certain plans, a higher sense and on the lowest level things or conditions are just side effects of bigger processes.

For us as human beings it means that main stations in life are planned before the incarnation, – main events, main meetings, main developments, etc. Life is a journey, a planned journey with a destination and chosen milestones.

Now imagine that you are on the higher planes, having a meeting with your spiritual guide and souls which are important for you and you are discussing your next incarnation, your life journey, setting aims.

Like in a real journey you can choose aims which you want to achieve because they are important for you.

Now let´s imagine you plan your holidays here on earth and you want to visit Paris. So certainly you can do so but because you live in Australia it takes a big amount of effort to get to Paris. Further on you have to pay a lot and you have only three days in total to do this trip. So in conclusion it is very hard for you to visit Paris. Now it depends on you if you are willing to take these bad conditions to make your experiences in Paris. When you decide yourself to do it then you must accept the suffering which comes along with this journey.

It is the same situation when you do your planning on the higher planes for your next incarnation. You want to make specific experiences but they are bound to hard conditions, extra effort and suffering. When your motivation is strong enough you agree and you accept the suffering. This is the one type of “bad” where “bad” is a matter of conditions where you have no influence on.

Now we come to the second type. When you want to learn a specific lesson to be able to grow or when you want to balance an old problem then it is suffering, something “bad” in the normal karma sense. Because as long as you ignore a bad situation, as long as you don´t want to learn, to change things, you suffer automatically. And the healing of old problems always means that the bad, the blockades, must be cleaned, dissolved so that the healing can take place.

In conclusion it makes sense to differentiate these two types. The first type you should not take personal and you should not be sad because of the hard situation but indeed you should show respect to yourself that you are willing to take all the effort and pain to reach your aims. And the second type causes pain only as long as you need to really work on your problems for your personal progress.

People have a tendency to complain about all the bad and evil in the world and in their life but this does not really help in any way. Better perceive yourself as the noble spiritual warrior who has chosen this challenge, this adventure to accomplish his aims independent from all the obstacles and problems which might appear. Life is a big adventure and there is no security and pampering like society tries to suggest.

Take your adventure and all your challenges with a positive attitude.