Problems of incongruity and missing logic

The teachings of religion today provides a lot of explosive substance. Still are many people captured in their limitations,in religious dogmas. Divine teachings are always all-embracing and positive, also easy and good to comprehend. In contrast to them human religious teachings are often quite complex, very limited and often in the spirit of separation. They emphasize the differences instead of focusing on what we have in common.

In all “holy teachings” the truth, the divine, theistic core can be found easily. Further on its part is often very short as “human teachings” are more interesting. For me it is fascinating that on the one hand a religion presents high divine teachings and on the other hand human teachings which are not congruent with the divine part. So in fact for someone who is able to use his brain it is quite obvious where incongruities lie and where the logic is missing. Indeed such topics can be solved with real arguments – logic!

You may ask why did it no one before. By religious education the “thinking part” of the brain is technically (psychologically) “wiped out”. Imagine your religious teacher tells you to repeat always the same “holy texts” until your brain is overwhelmed, until you are no longer able to see the wood for the trees. It is in fact “brain washing”. You can call it also psychic warfare.

Imagine a religion says that God is all-mighty, all-embracing in his comprehension, in his mercy and love. So these are theistic facts, true divine teachings. Imagine that a religion says some sentences further on that only a few people are loved by God because they are from the right religion as presented by an ambassador of God (the only and last ambassador and certainly the only right one (!?!) ). So when you use your brain, you come to the conclusion that this can´t be true as the second statement does not fit to the first one. We call this incongruity – a matter of logic. The absolute God with all his attributes can´t be limited to one single religion or to a few people on earth while all other people are ignorant or godless. In second, a follower of a religion must differentiate between God and his (maybe) human ambassador. An ambassador is not equal to God and so an ambassador can not be evaluated in the same way like God. An ambassador and his teachings are quite relative – only God is absolute and perfect. So it can be a real tragedy to mix up both.

A fantastic phenomenon can be examined when a religion has two or three ambassadors of God which occur in different ages and taught different things. It is unthinkable that God, the absolute, changes his mind concerning a topic. So how should it be possible that ambassadors give different teachings? Indeed their teachings are relative. Only the real divine teachings have never changed through the ages.

Humans are incredible in their power of ignorance and bad selfish characteristics. Unfortunately humans learn the most through pain and agony – not by divine enlightenment.

I am curious how the reformation of religions will take place. Someone / God, has to dissolve the dark mental and emotional clouds which keep many people in ignorance. And a real enlightenment is necessary.