Traps on the spiritual path

Actually in one Bardon forum there is a strange discussion about the value of Bardon´s system and other systems, better system, higher wisdom and so on. Normally I wouldn´t spend a minute on something like this but I want to use it to show where the traps, the errors lie and how to prevent such traps.

The main error is to put yourself as the main or absolute measure to say what is right, useful, good or not. How should you know this from your limited knowledge and your limited experiences? We human beings know very little; we are like children in creation. But unfortunately we think of us as superior, as the crown of creation. This is for normal humans a big illusion; this is an effect of a big ego.

So indeed we humans miss humbleness and with this receptiveness for higher teachings and higher insights. We have to search for human beings who have made more, much more experiences than we, who have gained much more knowledge and deeper insights. And from these human beings we have to learn. But here again the ego comes and says “why should I learn, – I am superior myself”. There is no listening to what someone teaches but direct judgment, prejudice and condemnation.

So how could a big ego be ever able, ready to learn something? A big ego is the best, – the perfect obstacle one can have in life.

With this wrong measure – your ego – you take every trap which is available to miss the truth and the path.

Such traps are for example to succumb your fears, maybe hidden fears, intellectual complex created philosophies where you derive that the author has high knowledge because of the chaotic complexity and too much relativity – statements like “everything is good, peace and love and we are already enlightened but we do not know” and so on.

When I read such comments or discussions in the internet I directly know what the person lacks of respectively in which traps he is.

The best thing is when people speak about Bardon and his system and it is obvious that they never have really read his books, never understood his teachings but think that they have the basis to discuss if Bardon is more or less useful, more or less right or a waste of time.

Then there are others which are brainwashed with complex philosophies which they cannot prove but believe in. They see everywhere Lucifer, seduction by the evil and “power” is in general an evil thing. In fact they just feed their own fears and beliefs. With a little bit of intellect you can understand that everything is based on power, energy and without it nothing would exist. And when a human is powerless then it is absolutely not good. So power is not the question. But certainly power has to be combined with knowledge, wisdom, love, etc.

The only way to find the right path, – I repeat it here > the only way < is to subordinate yourself, your ego, your knowledge, your interests and everything of your personality to the real measures, – to divine wisdom, to divine love, to divine power (will), to truth and to reality, – simply reality and not delusion, half-truths, opinions and whatever. Subordinate yourself to the absolute, to God and then you will be led to the highest peaks of divine mysteries.

There is no other way, no option, no ego version. When you have understood this and when you orientate on these highest measures then you will find your way and no traps can hinder you.

Pray to God, tell it the spiritual masters, brothers and sister, the Suras, – the servants of the light and then everything will be arranged to support you on your path. It is the spiritual vow which has to be done.

Only real humbleness and real dedication, compassion provide progress.

Please think about it.