Dedication and Subservience

Only in short: When you ask someone what is important for spiritual development he will probably answer “you have to do this or that and you have to follow this path or that one”. When you do not ask someone then you choose a path or technique or belief which fits best to your personality, to your opinions, your point of view.

Certainly you can do whatever you want.

But at last there is only one way which everyone has to take for real development. I do not speak about Bardon. I speak about something absolutely basically.

First thing:

You drop the idea that you are the center of life and creation. Normal people put themselves into the center of life. A true spiritual person sets God into the center of everything. So indeed you change the perspective, the point of view in nearly everything which concerns your person and your life.

Until now you were the most important thing in life, – now God is the most important point in your life.

The consequence:

You do not ask yourself what fits to your opinion, what pleases you or not. You do not follow yourself. In contrary you ask what fits to the divine point of view, what pleases the divine nature, what is lawful, right and good. You follow your divine inner nature.

This is certainly something different to what normal people practice and experience.

So this truly means that you dedicate yourself completely to God, to your original divine nature. This is a 100% dedication coming along with a 100% subservience. When you do this then it means that you have done a real spiritual vow with far reaching consequences. And you can be sure that all important cosmic beings have noticed this.

With this vow from the depth of your soul you have started your spiritual development with all consequences. You might ask what these consequences are. It means that you receive support for your development – clearing, healing, refining of your soul + teaching and the balancing of your karma. So indeed the process which is initiated with your vow is a serious one which can be very hard to bear in parts regarding the clearing but you will make real progress. You will unfold your divine nature.

Second thing:

The dedication and subservience towards God is the first and fundamental step. It is number one. As you know God can be characterized by the use of the fourfold key. From this the next basic steps are derived.

It starts with wisdom. Wisdom is the crown of God. Wisdom is an aspect of the air element and the air element is very near to the Akasha element. It is absolutely necessary that you dedicate yourself to divine wisdom. This means that you work on manifesting wisdom in yourself and that you behave wise in your life. Again 100% dedication and 100% subservience.

Wisdom teaches that you also have to dedicate you to highest power, all-embracing love, eternal life and cosmic consciousness. In short: You dedicate yourself completely to all divine virtues with full awareness, from the depth of your soul and as a honest hearts desire.

Now you have created the necessary foundation of your own divine temple.

In the following steps you are led through the steps of clearing, healing and refining of yourself including the balancing of your karma. Situations in your life will manifest by divine grace to support you in this process. Beside these mystical steps you will be taught in all spiritual mysteries and laws of wisdom. By real spiritual training you will cultivate all divine virtues step by step to the highest degree so that you will manifest the divine temple in yourself in perfection.

Certainly the system of Bardon will lead to this holy aim.

At last I want to emphasize that only by these forms of dedication and subservience you will be guided the right way. Without them you will land where your human limitations will direct you, – into half-truth, illusions, selfishness, darkness, etc.

Have you ever wondered why so big parts of human life are big shit although we have so many religious people and so many spiritual teachers? It is the case for what I have described above. Most people follow their own limited truth, their own desires, their own selfishness. They do not really ask for God. They are the big pretenders. I do not judge them but such an attitude does not lead to good fruits and certainly not to the experience of God, of your own original divine nature.