The Meaning of Bhakti for spiritual development

Bhakti is an Indian term which means spiritual love and devotion, also true dedication to God (and the master who unveils the Divine to the student). This aspect of love is unfortunately often not really understood nor really developed in the character of many students today. In the Western language we use the term mysticism for the same thing. A mystic respectively Bhakta feels a deep love and devotion for God. Through this love he manifests a connection to God, – a deep connection which leads to unity with God. This very special kind of love has great powers. This love leads to enlightenment, to unity with God, it dissolves disharmony, bad karma seeds, clears and heals the whole personality of the student and it provides cornucopia, happiness, peace, joy of life and so on. One important effect is certainly that the student experiences the big three: Clearing, healing and sanctification (spiritual refinement). It was the motto of the mystics of former times. So indeed by the pure grace and love between God and student a deep transformation happens, – real progress on the path together with the activation of spiritual abilities and powers and an easier access to mastership over the elements, etc.

On the other hand without true devotion and love the whole spiritual path is quite dangerous and can be misleading. Success is also hard to gain.

Beside all these things, – there is nothing greater to experience than the divine, mystical love, – between God and student, student and teacher, student and his fellows, student and creation.

The most mind blowing experiences are provided by aspects of this divine love, – especially by quabbalistic training and the use of analogue formulas. Then you know what ecstasy means, what different kinds of ecstasies exist.

So in fact the best thing you can do is to develop love and devotion. You will enjoy it – I promise!