International network of excellence

This idea can be understood as an extension of the “International Association for the Support of Positive Values”.
When we take a look at business and cooperation today, then we see that the whole system is in main just a matter of fraud, deception, exploitation and deficiency. Every participant in this system is hungry, – hungry because he gets not enough to satisfy his needs or hungry because he always wants more – on the costs of others. In fact this system is built on hunger, on deficiency, on needs, on dependency.
People do not work for living but for being able to pay the incoming bills monthly. And what you buy today costs much and is often of low quality, also does not last long. In former times people have worked for their life and the products were made for a life time and they were affordable.
Indeed today the whole economic system is unhealthy, not serving life, not serving vitality or any other good things. Everyone is cheating everyone. It is a “must” of the system. And this system causes countless suffering. It is destructive and so it has to end one day naturally.
In contrary to this negative system there are single people who know the right way of making business, of cooperating, a way which respects the laws of creation, a way which is absolutely positive and which is built on abundance, on interdependence, on positive values, a positive philosophy. Lawful and good business, cooperation, can only take place on the basis of well-balanced respect of each other´s needs and wishes. It is the so-called win-win-situation which is absolutely necessary to be established. Today we still suffer from the master-slave relationship although it is not as obvious as in former times.
As soon as people realize that only win-win-situations in all kinds of cooperation are healthy, vital, satisfying, all people can benefit with better conditions of life and work. Then cheating is no longer necessary, suffering is no longer necessary and the evil exploitation of people and nature is no longer necessary. Then abundance for everyone can unfold in a natural way and to natural good degrees.
So the point is that these things can be realized but it takes again a community with membership and like-minded people. And here it is most important to vow for an unconditional positive way of cooperation, for real win-win-situations for all participants where everyone does the best possible for maximum success for everyone´s benefit. And then wonders, really good things can happen.
Such relationships of an unconditional positive basis last for a life times and let partners of business and cooperation become true friends.
Imagine a world where you can trust unconditionally your partner that he cares for your benefit and well-being and not for lower, selfish desires.
This is a true network of excellence.
I will work also on this project in the coming future. It is really important to realize such a network, such a community as an extension of the association for positive values which I have described earlier in a former article.
Please feel free to contact me via email if you like to participate in this network, also if you like to help to realize it.
A lot of work is waiting for me this year but together things are possible.
Yours, Ray