Initial situations

Bardon shaped the term “situation” by giving it a deeper meaning regarding the laws of metaphysics. But I don´t want to talk about this. I want to speak about initial situations, situations which allow special experiences, life changing experiences.
We human beings grow by making new experiences and new experiences require special situations. Only in special situations we are able to learn something new, to taste new ideas, feelings but also to integrate new qualities and powers.
In normal life we have to face such situations in form of test but also in form of training where unknown situations are experienced.
In religion and in traditions all forms of initiation are such initial situations, where the aspirant is confronted with absolutely new experiences which expand his consciousness and worldview.
And then we have these extraordinary, special situations which are in main completely individual, with an individual meaning, giving life a new direction, new impulses.
Imagine you want to understand omnipotence. In normal life you have no situations to experience it. But when you are a king or imperator then you will experience situations where you feel omnipotence, where you experience total power.
Or when you meet someone you deeply love after years of missing the person. Then you can experience highest happiness and gratefulness.
At last, what I want to point at is, that you need initial situations for your progress, in life but also in the spiritual development.
So it can be smart to look consciously for such initial situations which provide new experiences and a growing of your personality.
What can help you to expand your spiritual being, your higher consciousness, your love, your devotion, your gratefulness, your power, endurance, wisdom, etc.?
You can search for such situations in the outer world and also in the inner world, when you do your meditations. And normally you do both. And these are experiences which you will always remember as something most amazing.