International association for the support of positive values

Obviously we are not living in the golden age. In fact we are still far away from it and only at the beginning of a growing spiritual consciousness. This means inter alia that a lot of things have to be accomplished to support the general awakening of people worldwide and the bettering of the circumstances of life in all aspects.
Thanks to the work of the dark side, everything which was good and accepted over thousands of years, has been perverted or destroyed. The effects can be seen everywhere.
I know that brilliant heads are discussing possible solutions already for years – how to save the world or humanity – and it seems that there is no real masterkey or a simple solution but seen from a spiritual point of view, the situation is a little bit different.
First of all, the so-called golden age is a period of time which is fixed to higher cycles of the universe, – cycles of nature and creation. Only when the sun is shining, life can unfold perfectly. When it is night, no plants can grow. So it is a matter of rhythm, of natural cycles. And this means what can be done now is quite limited as the spiritual sun rise is only in the very beginning.
Secondly, we need in general more spiritual sunlight but also to restore the fundaments of human life, – this is the orientation on natural-divine laws and on positive values. As soon as we show respect to the laws of creation and as soon as we follow positive values a major step has been done. And this is something which is feasible.
Human beings are often quite funny as their understanding is very limited. So many may ask why they should orientate on laws and why they should follow positive values.
The answer is simple: We human beings are a part of creation and so we embody and express the laws of creation. We are nothing separate from nature (it only seems so sometimes). So if we violate the laws of nature then we have to pay with suffering as we hurt ourselves. And second – positive values are the basis of vitality, health and happiness. Negative values lead to destruction, death, suffering. And in fact most of us want to enjoy life. We all have a natural aversion against suffering. As soon as we have learned about the reasons for suffering and the right way to use the laws of creation for a flourishing life for all of us, the golden age can come.
Besides these aspects, it is the simplest and best to comprehend access to better life in an international frame on all levels of society in all cultures and religions. And so it can be realized without great effort. In fact it is more a process of remembering the old virtues and giving them new life and a new frame.
What does it take?
Not much! For the start only a few like-minded people who agree to the support of positive values in life, society and business. Then an association can be created with a website, membership and regular meetings for the discussion of values and there implementation into life, for the discussion of projects and for news about own experiences and problems with realizing positive values. This is a nice thing as here good souls gather automatically and can share the good things of life together. And this can happen worldwide and everywhere! We are one family! And there is nothing better than international friendship and sharing of high values.
Certainly we all are just humans and so it is important to pay respect to this fact. This means we can train the orientation and realization of positive values but perfection cannot be expected. But by time everything will unfold more and more.
Besides these basic aims, personal aims, we follow also higher aims for real changes in life, society, business and also religion/tradition. It is the aim to create for example companies which are based on positive values. And there are ways for positive influences everywhere in society, tradition, religious life, etc. It all depends on the people and if the people have a positive attitude then also outer structures can change to the better.
Over time this international association will grow and we will have members in every city, in every state, in the whole world and we will develop so much positive influence, so that more and more people will join as they see that this attitude supports happiness and peace, a good life for everyone.
In fact this is a healing, love and wisdom spreading movement which makes us unite as one mankind, as one family.
This is a great vision, a vision which we can realize together without real effort.
I think that I will be able to launch this project this year (2014) and everyone who understands the values of this movement is cordially welcome to participate!
And if you like, you can already start to gather like-minded people, so that we can unite soon in a great community.
You can contact me via email for further information and for joining this wonderful movement.
Yours, Ray – in love, light and service!