A symbolism of the sword and the wand

Some topics return and return and this will probably continue until we have the golden age of complete enlightenment of everyone.
One of these never-ending topics is the question about certain symbols and their meaning. Here I want to put some light on this.
In general symbols are based on the law of analogy and this means that a symbol represents analogue, resonating qualities, powers and abilities. So a fish cannot be the symbol for air and a sword cannot be the symbol for love. A fish is connected to water, to animals of the water realms, to the vitality of water and so on.
Independent from these general and universal laws, symbolism can be perverted, changed, individualized, etc. which means a violation of the natural laws. This is typical human behavior but this is here not our topic. So back to the universal use of symbolism.
Symbols are the language of creation as everything and every being appears in a way which symbolizes its qualities, power, functions, abilities, etc. – in short – its nature. Again this pays respect to the universal laws of analogy and resonance.
As usual there are many teachers or “VIPs” who publish teachings for all kinds of purposes – not always with best intentions or highest quality demands. Such teachings do not necessarily ask for universal truth. So every seeker or reader has to question published teachings to find the truth. This in general.
Now let´s get to the sword and wand symbolism. Their analogies are often mixed up. One author says that the sword is connected to fire and the wand to air and another author says it the other way.
The problem here is basically that no one really questions the reasons for the assignment.
So for which reason should the sword be assigned to the air element? For the reason that you can wave it in the air? For the reason that you can cut things in two pieces? This is nonsense. When I think about a real reason to assign the sword to the air element, I cannot find a single one as it has no attributes of the air element.
A sword is indeed a symbol of power, of control, of ruling over life and death, of the ability to force someone to realize your will. These are all attributes of the fire element. Further on it is made of iron which belongs to Mars and the fire element. So when a master wears a sword or uses it, then it is an expression of his power. Accordingly a sword can be charged with the fire element and with the idea of control and power for higher purposes. Remember here the angel with the flaming sword.
A wand is a symbol of duality as it is a stick, a line with two ends, the sign of polarity. And normally a wand is charged in this way, – one end with the electric fluid and the other one with the magnetic fluid. So basically and in general it is assigned to the air element. Besides this, a wand can be also charged with all kinds of other energies and for practical purposes with the fire element or with will power and only then it belongs to the fire element as an expression of the own power or might. Then the wand serves as an extra battery of will power to realize wishes more easily.
And that´s it. Quite simple, logically, good to comprehend already for beginners.
In general I can only recommend to question spiritual teachings to understand the roots and the reasons for them. Only in this way truth can be discovered or half-truths and nonsense. Important is also the practical research by own training and experiences. Only this way you can prove theory. Theory should always be derived from real practice and not from individual opinions and intellectual wishful thinking.