Diving into the nature of things

The mind has the ability to connect with everything and everyone in creation. The spirit, – our original being or nature, is independent from time and space, from form and place. Most people are just not aware about this fact as they are so used to their physical appearance and the limitations of the physical body.

So in fact you can connect to experiences and situations of the past, of the present and (in parts) of the future. You can connect to plants, animals and human beings, also to higher spirits and different forms of life. You can connect to all kinds of objects of the inanimate nature like stones, metals but also hills, mountains, the sky, earth, lakes, etc. And certainly also to artificial objects.

Connection is one step, uniting with the object another one and a third one is to become the object, to fill it with your spirit and to take part in its nature.

This is all a matter of imagination and works in best way with good training of the mind, mastery of Akasha, developed senses, etc. But certainly everyone can make interesting experiments.

Now you have three options, – the levels of experiencing the object.

On the physical plane you cannot unite with another object, – except you eat or inhale it, so that you get impressions of its nature.

On the astral plane your soul can get into touch with the astral nature of the object. This takes place indirectly by your spirit/mind perceiving astral information from the object and transferring it to your soul to feel it (as your mind is still connected to your soul and body while it is at the same time in a different object – remember, the mind is independent from time and space).

Then it is certainly possible to connect on the mental plane for mental experiences and information.

And at last you can step into the highest plane, the Akasha plane, the highest plane of the spirit. There you can get “root information” about the object, the primary information and impressions, the idea which is the basis of the object.

These things are really fascinating as you can learn a lot about the nature of everything in creation. So I like to show here one technique:

For example you want to examine gold and its true nature. You get into your asana as usual, calm down, etc. and then you think of a natural piece of gold, a golden nugget which can be found in streams in nature. You know these nuggets, how they look like, etc.

Now imagine that your whole microcosm is inside of such a nugget, respectively imagine yourself in the nugget. Remember that time and space do not exist here like in the material world, so you can easily merge with the nugget.

When I do this, then I feel a natural, sunny joy, especially connected to the solar plexus, a sunshine joy of life, sunny happiness. It is the plane of the soul which shows up.

Now get a step higher and imagine yourself as a small point in a big nugget.

When I do this, I connect directly to the sun sphere and its qualities, the divine power of the sun. It is the mental plane. In fact already a high level of the mental plane.

A last step is to imagine the nugget as big as the universe and yourself as a small spot in the center. Then you experience the nature of the nugget on the highest plane, the Akasha plane.

This gives an impression of the ocean of light or the eternal light, the highest sphere beyond creation.

This was just one example. But you see here the analogies at work, the connections of the single planes of existence.

When you do the same thing with cupper, then you become aware of the analogy of cupper with the kidneys for example, also with the Venus sphere, etc.

It is interesting to examine gems and metals in this way, also special trees, plants, etc. You can also connect to gods and goddesses which provides wonderful blessings.

Indeed the human spirit is not limited at all.

Before I end here, I want to point at two important aspects. One aspect is the law of analogy where you experience that normally the physical expression is analogue the astral expression and the mental expression of an object. Analogy means resonance and the single planes are resonating with each other and keep this way connected.

And the second aspect is that it is all a matter of density. The plane of the spirit is super fine, the astral plane is fine and the material plane is dense. So we step from plane to plane by changing the density of energy/matter and this shows up in the technique. The bigger you are and the smaller the object is, the denser is your perception. And the smaller you are (at last as the Akasha point/dot in a universe of the object) and the vaster the object is, the finer is your perception, the higher the plane of examination. (Quite simple.)

And this opens wonderful perspectives for you when you want to examine something. When you think for example of a nugget of cupper which says nothing about its higher nature and then you start to merge with it, discovering by yourself the true analogies of green color, of the Venus sphere, of joy connected to the kidneys, of the qualities of the water element, of female virtues, of beauty, etc. then this is something great. And you can check everything which is of interest for you. You can make wonderful discoveries.

At last – you see here how Akasha works and the idea of the Akasha point, of spaces as big as the universe and all as a matter of mental traveling, of working with your mind.

Certainly, the higher you are trained, the better results you get. But if you like, you should try it nevertheless. Limitations are a human invention, not a divine one.

PS: I forgot to say that homeopathy works in the same way, – the higher the potency of a remedy is, the higher the plane of existence is concerned. So you have lower, more material potencies with corresponding effects. You have finer potencies analogue the astral plane and soul. And you have higher potencies analogue the mental plane and the spirit. In the higher and highest potencies there is only energy left without any physical atoms. So the more you dilute a physical remedy/substance, the more you get to its core, – physical->astral->mental energy and effects.