Solutions and enlightenment

We human beings are permanently busy with problems and the search for fitting solutions. There are simple problems, normal problems and problems which are hard to solve. When normal problems already take a lot of energy, time and effort, then the extremely difficult problems take great amounts of energy and in main they seem to be insoluble. Such insoluble problems can break us, causing fears, depressions, anger which are signs of being simply overburdened and exhausted. But especially these hard, insoluble problems are normally connected to major consequences in life and business or on the spiritual path. And so, taking the wrong decision means “the end of the world”. I think that everyone has had to face such problems in his life already where one could get mad easily because of not being able to find a fitting solution.

Independent from the degree of difficulty of a problem, the solution always takes a few factors: The right perception of the situation, a good degree of intelligence, the necessary knowledge, a good intellect, a good intuition, etc. These things are more or less clear and logical.

Here I only want to point at the right perception. We human beings perceive things normally with an individual filter of perception which works like wearing colored glasses, so that reality and perception are two different things. For the right perception we have to take off the glasses to perceive reality as it is and not as we imagine it. So indeed we like to project our ideas, our feelings on the environment, on situations and problems and these projections are often not reflecting reality or reality in its total. Personal thoughts and emotions work like veils which cover reality. So in best case you try to liberate yourself from personal ideas and feelings when you face a situation or problem to see the truth. And second you put yourself into a positive attitude that you are able to cope with the problem.

Then a main factor is that in most cases we simply miss important information to understand a problem really. We have opinions about a problem but we often do not make real research if our opinions are based on reality. Opinions are in main expectations. We expect something or someone to be in this or that way. But real research is better.

But certainly I didn´t want to talk about these things in depth but instead to focus on a spiritual technique which can be a great deal in managing problems respectively to find solutions.

From the point of view of metaphysics it is quite simple and I try to explain it here:

Understanding of problems together with the knowledge of fitting solutions is a matter of the maturity of the soul, of refinement and with this of true knowledge about the human being, God and creation, the laws which are underlying and certainly wisdom, the ability to apply them. So a high initiate is able to understand problems in the right way and to find fitting solutions according to the laws of creation. Unfortunately not everyone is a high, refined initiate; otherwise we had already the golden age again. With this, we come to the next points.

What we all can do, to solve problems easier and faster, is to work with light.

Light has many aspects but here we work with the aspect of unlimited intelligence. Light is pure intelligence, pure spirit. It is the fuel for the mind to find solutions, to understand things. It is also the medium for higher intuition and inspiration. So when we increase light in ourselves, then we increase our intelligence, the work of the intellect, intuition and inspiration and real understanding.

Light empowers us to find the right solutions for difficult problems.

The technique is quite simple:

Get into your asana. Relax. And now imagine yourself in the center of a space filled with the finest, mental light. This light is all-permeating and pure intelligence. It is not only surrounding you but it is also permeating you and it has an activating, vitalizing effect on your mind and all your mental functions. Meditate about these qualities so that you are sure that the light embodies them. Pure, unlimited intelligence. The light can make you a genius. It increases all your mental faculties and refines the perception of your mind.

Now become aware that you breathe. Combine your natural breathing with the inhalation of the light into your mental being. You inhale the light with all its powers and qualities every time you inhale air. After 10-15 minutes you have filled yourself, your mental being with light. During your breathing you focus on the idea that the light activates all your mental powers and faculties, that the light increases your intellect, your intelligence, your understanding, your intuition and your inspiration, that you mental processes are working better and faster, that you are enlightening yourself, that you become a genius.

And when you have prepared yourself with this meditation and with light, you can meditate about your problem in a calm way, without any lower emotions, without any mental projections but with a clear and open mind, with peace in your soul, in a state of higher harmony, with openness for divine inspiration and intuition.

For the moment you are a being of light and you can pray to the spiritual world to support you, to bless you with the right ideas, intuition (vision) and inspiration (heard words/ideas).

Just be open, flowing in the ocean of light and intelligence. Leave your ego behind, enjoy the unity of light and receive for you are looking for.

You can formulate your question, then become still and wait for an answer. And when you get an answer then you can process it with your mind, your heart and intellect to understand it better. This is the passive way. Or do it actively by meditation, thinking.

Afterwards you can exhale the light back to the universe and leave the space of light consciously. Light is a very powerful energy and the student has to adapt to it slowly otherwise the light can be too much to bear for the energy system of the body. So it is better to repeat this exercise to increase slowly the level of light in your microcosm than to violate your system by accumulating too much at once and storing it.

When you do these exercises regularly over a period of time you will become a genius with high intelligence, etc. Indeed this development is a normal part of the spiritual training.

At last – there are good reasons why we call the process of understanding or finding a solution “enlightenment” as it is what happens, also on the natural way but then with smaller amounts of light done by higher chakras.

Today we have to face countless problems and the best thing which we can do is to enlighten ourselves, to bring light into the darkness (problems).

We need light!

As the old initiates said:

“I am surrounded by the light!”

“The light is flowing through me (and expressing itself through my being)!”

“I am the light!”

(Light is my nature!)

We are at the beginning of a new dawn of spiritual consciousness, of a process of enlightenment.

May this small meditation be a real help in your life to manage your challenges better!

With love and light,

yours, Ray