Heavy Burdens and the Liver

Life is not really easier these days. We can make a lot of experiences which are hard to digest. Problems, disappointments, heavy burdens, exhaustions, fighting for survival, etc. these things can have big impacts on our souls.

The liver is the organ which is in charge to manage such experiences. It is the organ which has to deal with problems, which has to offer fresh energy for managing the challenges of life. When you have to face too much of the heaviness of life then the liver can easily “store” the corresponding energies, also in form of gallstones.

If your problems are too much for you, then this can cause exhaustion, depressions, the loss of the joy of life, then you can feel heavy, overburdened.

Important is to understand these processes and to support your liver in managing problems. It is wise to do a treatment to clean your liver from gallstones and to help your liver in recovering its vitality and strength.

Please check the internet how you can clean your liver and how you can support it for a better function.

Besides the liver, please check also for your kidneys. Kidney stones are also materialized bad emotions which need to be dissolved.

Psychic hygiene is super important.

And in general – when you release old and heavy burdens from your past, you will feel free and much lighter to make good progress and to enjoy your life.