Morals and Karma

When we think about karma then we immediately have the idea of good and bad karma popping up in our minds. Good karma makes us happy while bad karma makes us suffer. And so we want to be good and to reap good fruits.

This idea of karma has been taught over thousands of years in the Buddhist and Hinduist traditions.

It reminds us also of the idea of the Catholic Church, – behave well and you get to heaven and if you misbehave you go to hell.

In fact, these ideas are superficial and more a moral code than anything else.

People need a code of ethics for orientation and society needs definitions of good and bad behavior. The order must be maintained and chaos prevented.

Now let´s go deeper and question the idea of good and bad karma, of good behavior with good fruits and bad behavior with suffering.

How many people do you know with a good soul, doing good deeds and being really suffering?

How many really bad people do you know who enjoy life to the max while making others suffer?

It seems that good people suffer a lot from hardship and abuse while those who are evil have fund and reap the biggest fruits. So something goes wrong obviously.

It seems that it is more about predators and sheep or psychopaths and social people.

However it is, important is to understand that karma says in main only that there are effects and causes and that the effects are corresponding in their nature to the original causes.

This is physics.

When you push a ball with a specific power into a specific direction then the ball will move into this direction for a specific time on a specific distance.

And this is the karma of the ball.

We see that we deal here with universal laws which are neutral in nature without any morals.

And this means that it is only the kindergarten level – talking about good and bad karma – while the spiritual student is asked to go beyond this and to study the laws of creation to use them consciously.

So the real question for the adept is which laws must I apply to accomplish my aim? How can I set the right causes to get the desired effects? What is lawful?

The earlier the student understands this, the better. The more you will benefit from conscious creating of reality, of your reality, your life.

Learn to set consciously beneficial and lawful causes to get what you want.

The adept is the righteous one, the representative of the divine laws, the wise one who knows how to apply the laws.

Become wise and righteous and use the laws of nature for the benefit of all.