Exercise: Uniting with the idea of the magician

As a seeker on the path you are certainly in a development process which means that you are not “finished” in your personality. Corresponding to the four elements you probably have a domination of one element and you can describe your type as the “warrior”, the “philosopher”, the “mystic” or the “scientist”, for example. Important is to understand that there is a target personality, – the magician. The magician is more than all in one. He is the expression of perfection. He is the god-human. Perfect in mystic and magic. A real authority in creation. Completely developed in all aspects and perfectly balanced in nature, one with the macrocosm.

This all means that on the path you will develop all aspects, all types in yourself to unfold your personality in perfection.

It is highly recommendable to start early to understand that you are going to develop the personality of a magician and second, that there is an ideal masterplan for “the magician”. The perfect magician exists as an idea on the Akasha plane and you can connect to it by meditation.

So the exercise is to become completely aware about the nature of a magician (adept) with all his skills, powers and virtues. And then to unite with this idea. You unite with the idea of the ideal master, the magician and then you take part in his nature. When you meditate in this way, you activate the Akasha ideas in your microcosm and help them to realize in steps. Indeed, you connect the master plan of the magician to your microcosm, to your energy system.

Such a meditation should be repeated regularly to unfold a maximum effect. Special focus should be put on the present skills/ qualities/ powers you work on at the moment.

You should also add the imagination / idea that the skills, etc. get more and more activated, vitalized, stronger, stabilized, etc.

This meditation practice is very precious. It can offer you deep insights, things which you have not expected.