The hidden polarity

In the material world our scientists explain that for example darkness has no real existence as well as coldness. They say that darkness is just the lack of light and coldness is the lack of warmth. This might be true on the material level of examination but it isn´t true for all higher planes of existence.

In creation everywhere is energy and energy always has a quality.

This means when we have warm energy, we also have cool energy and both states of energy are connected by the law of polarity. And we have light as a state of energy then we have also darkness as a state of energy.

In our training and in real life we work with such energies and their specific qualities. We warm and we cool things. We make them light or heavy. And so on.

We are not limited in the need to withdraw heat to cool down something like scientists would do in the material world.

When we perceive things in the material world as warm, cool, light or heavy then we think that these are the physical qualities of the material objects. But in fact in big parts these are astral qualities which can be changed.

However, these things are nice to think about.