The loss and gain of the modern human

The modern human has reached the bottom of the pit. In quite a short time humans have lost nearly everything what really matters in life.

We have lost personal freedom and responsibility to the government. Like immature children we are ruled by the “fatherly state”. We are overwhelmed by man-made artificial laws which no one really understands and which can be used to push through questionable interests by powerful people who can afford specialized lawyers.

We have lost faith. We are godless. Liberated from values, liberate from a higher sense in life, liberated from appreciating ourselves and creation. We are reduced to living biological machines, born from a universal coincidence without any real meaning.

In a world where nothing really matters and money rules good is the same like evil and evil is good. As people are meaningless machines, they can be enslaved and exploited, abused for the higher goal to make money. Creation can and must be exploited and abused to make money. Money is everything. Money is the real religion.

People are born to use them. People must be kept in a state of dullness, ignorance and a sufficient level of happiness by mainstream entertainment to control them, to keep them in their useless life as workers, as tax payers, as human capital, human resources of energy.

Artificial fears and challenges are used to make them pay even more taxes and keep them withdrawn from real problems.

Humans have lost their identity, have lost their families, have lost their relationships. But they have gained an ego-based life style, the freedom to behave as stupid or smart as they like to. Status and outer appearance mean everything as no one looks behind the façade.

In the end, humans have lost their spirit, the divine spirit, reduced to matter, living matter, to a coincidence.

Thanks to propaganda, intoxication and unhealthy indoctrination, humans have lost their vitality and power, their ability to feel and to use their brain. People became so passive like a long-term patient in a hospital, kept alive by artificial measures, waiting for food, not able to think, feel and take action on himself and thanks to the drugs not aware about his state at all.

Superficial esoteric mainstream authors tell people that they were created as slaves without any meaning, that their creators are still there or will come back to rule again. Or they say that all is good and that you just should ignore all evil and be happy like when you are on drugs. Or they focus on the idea that all people are already realized deities, but they simply are not aware of it, so no development is necessary. Or they preach that all the evil is good and right as we all simply deserve it (for which reason ever).

The bearers of “highest esoteric knowledge” in the secret societies claim that there is no God, no karma, no responsibility, that all is matter and senseless in the end, that good is the same like evil, that all is relative. Godlessness rules and dark practices are hip. Dullness is great as it keeps you happy. And you are your own god, only responsible for yourself!

And still religions rule by force, fears and suppression. People need to be controlled, need to be enslaved by man-made rules. No liberty! No happiness! But hell!

Humans still believe in war, in killing each other for the benefit of economics and political power, for the greatness of religious belief, for those who make lots of money. Every single victim of war is worth for increasing money and control. Killing people makes you a hero!

People enjoy being enslaved by TV, PC and their mobiles. The hypnotic effect works perfectly as it they kill your mind and keep you in a trance state where propaganda works easily. And what do you need more than your mobile? Nature? Friends? Family? Love? Only experiences of life? No, you get it all virtually on TV, in video games, on Facebook. No need for a real life anymore and so much satisfaction!

I salute the glorious times we enjoy today!

I salute the doom of mankind!

And I ask – people, humans, when are you going to wake up from this nightmare?

When are you ready to claim your rights, your values, your health, your happiness, all what has been stolen from you in the last 120 years?

Are you really nothing else than a living piece of matter with the only sense to work and die? A coincidence of the universe? Indeed completely meaningless? Nothing?

Become aware of how much you have lost!

Wake up! Get into power! Cooperate! Change the world!