The roots of all evil

Have you ever thought about where the evil origins? It is quite simple. It is not about anger, hate, ignorance, greed, etc. like one might think.

The evil is rooted in separation. Separation is the “primeval sin”.

When you separate yourself from your fellow humans, when you believe that you are better than all others, when you believe that only you are something special while all others are like animals, like the garbage of creation without any value, with the only value to be treated and used like farm animals. Then this is the root of all evil in the world. When you believe that some kind of god has chosen only you while this god gives a fuck about all other humans, offers all other humans to you as farm animals, as slaves which you can betray and abuse then this is the root of all suffering.

Who are you who believes in such a god? Who are you who behaves in a most evil way with the permission of your “good” god? What is it which makes you “better” and “special” than all other humans? And where is the good in your god? You follow the most evil, the original evil teachings and belief! Where is your humbleness, your empathy, your compassion, your love for life, for your fellow humans, for creation? Where is your love for the universal God who is beyond separation and evilness, who is unity, who is all-embracing love?

Those who are now the first will be the last in the future! All evil must be paid back! And there won´t be mercy but only doom and annihilation for those who are not righteous in the eyes of the universal God!

We are all asked to check ourselves!

Arrogance and evilness are the tickets to hell. The Lords of Karma have no mercy!

Know yourself!