About emotions

Have you ever reflected on the nature of emotions? Emotions are the lower, subconscious and automatically driven astral reactions of the soul to events/situations in life while feelings are the higher, refined and consciously shown reactions. Emotions are anger, hate, lust, trust, fun, passion, desire, fear, sadness, etc. Such emotions rise suddenly and are normally not under control of the mind. They make us behave! In contrast when a mother shows love from her heart for her child then this is a higher quality, a feeling and it is in the control of the mother. Feelings are harmony, love, compassion, peace, freedom, happiness, joy of life, etc. They all come from the heart while all emotions come from the solar plexus.

What do you miss when you are in an emotional state?

Your intellectual skills!

When you are lost in emotions of fear, anger, hate, lust then your brain turns off! Then you have lost control! Then you are the slave of your emotions! Emotional states lack completely of intellect, of intelligence, of reasonable behavior. Instead you behave like an animal.

The effects are that in an emotional state you do things which you regret afterwards and that you are easily manipulated.

Smart and evil people use this principle to set you into an emotional state where you are manipulated to do what they suppose you to do, for example to buy certain stuff, to build a “personal opinion” about someone or something, positive or negative. By manipulation and the triggering of your emotions you believe that someone is good and someone else is evil. And as you are in an emotional state without “brain activity” you just follow without questioning anything.

In fact, the emotional state with turned off brain is the most dangerous state which has already caused endless suffering for mankind, which still supports the evil worldwide in its different facets.

Become aware how often each day people and media are calling on your emotions to set you in this dumb emotional state to manipulate you for their aims!

And then get back into your power by setting your spirit back on its throne!

Become self-responsible and question everything! Learn to think and feel for yourself!

It is high time!