Why is there no positive change?

Since thousands of years wise men and women are discussing what is necessary to cause positive changes for mankind, for society, for religion, etc. And as they are wise and smart and kind-hearted, they think about all aspects with great ideas and wonderful visions for humanity and creation. So indeed, the knowledge is there but there is no implementation.

And it is justified to ask why.

One main answer is that although so many people are suffering, no one is really interested in changing anything. Suffering and fighting are the standards and people are used to these standards. They are conditioned. It takes too much effort for people to change the way they perceive, believe, understand, feel and behave.

A second main answer is that all those who are in power have no interest in changing anything as maintaining the standard keeps them in the position of power and wealth.

And the third and most important point is the problem of separation. As long as people do not understand and feel that we are one big family, one community, people cannot bundle their power and spirit to cause real changes. People are too focused on their egos, on their individual needs and problems. People have the attitude to take in main only care about themselves while delegating all big topics to politicians, religious leaders, etc. They are not willing to take responsibility. They are not willing to take action as one great force to go against the parasites of society.

Separation is the original evil, the illness of mankind. Separation is diabolic, – the artificial dividing of unity into parts. The parts of the former unity are suffering and longing to become one again which means healing and a state of happiness and peace.

Think about all these former units which have been broken and where suffering and fighting is ruling now.

When mankind overcomes separation and moves as one then healing for the world takes place and happiness will realize.