From incarnation to incarnation

Incarnation is a well-known term but for most people it is hard to get a good understanding of it. What does it mean to be born, live, die and come back over and over again?

As creation is based on the law of analogy we can help here by comparing this process with the daily rhythm of awakening in the morning, falling asleep in the evening, sleeping/dreaming and starting again the next day.

When you wake up in the morning it is a brand-new day and the day before, – yesterday and all the other days seem to be gone, forgotten. You feel fresh, vital, the sun comes up, all starts new, it is a new day. It is a new day with new tasks, new encounters, new adventures, meeting new people but also people you know very well. In the morning you feel full of energy and during the day you lose energy because of all your work, your adventures, so that in the evening you feel the need to rest, to go to sleep. And like you need a rest and feel the need for sleep, nature follows you, creation prepares for the night. During the night, you are in a different world, you are dreaming, processing your experiences of the day but also doing things which you desire, undergoing great experiences, meeting souls and beings until the time has come to awake again for a new day. The night offers you recovery, vacation from the day with all its experiences and you can process all your impressions, your feelings, etc. And with this you become ready for the new experiences of the new day.

The point here is that your personality does not change. Your personal tasks and duties, also your wishes do not change. You keep everything although you start a new day. Your mind is not longer busy with what has happened yesterday as you are focused now on the present day, on the new experiences, the new situations, but however it is just a continuation of your life path.

And all this which we experience every day is what happens from incarnation to incarnation. We continue our individual path of life. Situations and people might change on the surface as well as we get new bodies but the core, the personality stays the same and simply moves on. And we meet souls again which we know already for a long time, – old family members, lovers, friends, brothers, masters. The constellation might change but we recognize each other naturally and quickly. Our life tasks keep also the same until we have accomplished them and new adventures occur.

In the higher realms we process all our experiences. We heal, we comprehend our lessons, we recover, we meet beloved souls, we have fun and we prepare for the next day, the next incarnation to continue our path. We simply need this break. And we need this new start as it is a new chance to move on, to make new experiences without all the burdens and limitations of the last incarnation, the last day.

All makes sense. The rhythm of day and night makes sense. And the rhythm of life on earth with the transition to the astral realms afterwards makes sense too. We see the divine wisdom and the divine laws at work.

People fear death in our days as they have lost the understanding of its true nature. In the former days, death was a natural part of life and just the point of starting the journey back home where we originally come from.

Life is eternal. It has no beginning and no end. Life is following the law of rhythm. Life is meant to be celebrated! This must be understood!