Democracy 2.0

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear it is obvious that our present system of so-called democracy does not work and cannot work. Democracy today is just a tool for those in power to keep control over political, social and economical decisions. Politicians are chosen and presented in public to be elected by the people and to work for the elite and their interests. The different parties are just fixed groups where like-minded people are gathered to give them a home. But in fact, all topics and all decisions are made on the level of the elite, those in positions of true power, hidden from public. In conclusion, democracy is a stage play to keep people in the illusion of being in power and in the illusion of having politicians who work in the interest of people while politics is done in secret chambers and only for the benefit of the top of the pyramid. Fascinating is that people do not give up hope that one day there is a good politician who does good for the people – and this where one disappointment follows the other one. It is also fascinating that people still believe in their chosen parties although they are powerless here too and just have to follow their elected leaders. Parties are just representatives of certain ideologies but also never ask for the benefits of the people in total.

It is just a big and very stupid “Punch and Judy show” which supports real benefits for people only on the lowest possible level to keep them in a trance-like state of apathy and ignorance. But even after decades and changing parties in the position of power and countless disillusions, there are still too many people believing that all is fine.

Where are the problems of democracy? Already the inventors of democracy, the old Greeks discovered quite early that it cannot work because of the principle of quantity over quality. This means when decisions are made on the basis of the quantity of people then the quality automatically lacks. Not all people are well-educated, not all people are wise, not all people know to differentiate between good and bad. But when you ask all people then you get a mixture of opinions, beliefs, interests, etc. Here the small amount of wise positions must fail against the greater amount of opinions. And this is the main reason why democracy was never a topic over thousands of years of human history. Instead it was naturally to elect the wisest and best educated leader for the community.

The second big problem of democracy is the idea that different parties have to fight against each other on the basis of ideologies to get into the position of power.  But also afterwards the fights go on for each single political decision. “Fighting” takes a lot of energy and is artificial, – it is based on the evil principle of separation. When you cut people and their unity into different parties then this is unhealthy and unholy. Instead people should work together, finding the best solutions together.

The third problem which comes along with all these aspects is that democracy can and is easily hijacked and corrupted by those who are really in power because they have lots of money, because they own banks and companies and because they are the masters of secret societies. In fact, democracy was implemented to continue and to increase the influence of the elite and this in a much better way than in former times where the elite was publicly known.

The “seemingly good things” in history happen for secret and not good at all reasons. The elite allows such things to happen to benefit from them but not to support the masses of normal people. Here the diabolic principle of separation is at work like always. And it is the main problem in general that the elite feels separate from their own people as otherwise we would have paradise on earth.

Another problem of democracy is the missing counter force, pole to the ruling party. Certainly, the other parties are opponents, but they serve only their own interests. A real and lawful counter pole would verify all steps of the government. Right steps would be approved while bad steps would be stopped.

And then, one of the main problems in general – the politicians have no official goal. Indeed, they can do whatever they like to do. But if they had goals then it would be easy to control them on accomplishment. And in fact, this is all very easy and already the professional standard in a lot of aspects of life and business. So goals like health, happiness, prosperity, freedom, etc. can be set for the people and on a regular basis indicators for such goals can be controlled. If the set standards are not accomplished or maintained then something is wrong and must be corrected, regulated. This is professional management. And this shows another problem – that most politicians are just politicians without any competence.

In conclusion it is quite easy to see where the problems are with the present idea of democracy. What we need is a democracy 2.0 with new quality standards. The people must get back into power and into responsibility. Today we can realize a high standard of education and information together with digital services and the internet. This means that it is feasible to inform all people about decisions to make and to ask them to make up their minds by voting via internet.

First of all, we need to drop the idea of promoting ideologies and parties and this with the idea of fighting each other. The diabolic principle must be dropped. With this we get a basis democracy where everyone takes responsibility and must inform himself to make up his mind for a wise decision.

Then we need goals, standards which are set for the people, for the country, for society, etc. which allow a vital, happy and fulfilling life for everyone. When these goals are set, then we need a team of managers who work for these goals, who serve the people and who are controlled by the people. On a regular basis target-actual-differences are checked and measures are implemented to accomplish the goals. In conclusion, here the happiness of people is in the focus and not an ideology and not secret agendas of hidden elite members. These managers can publish their tasks and work for transparency and the people can vote for setting priorities for example or choosing options.

This system works perfectly on the level of a whole country as well as on the level of a city or village.

Another very important step is going back to the state of unity, the natural family principle where all members of a family care for the family itself and the family cares for all members. This is lawful, natural and positive. When the people of a country understand that they all belong together, that they should care for each other then they can accomplish great and wonderful things. This means that all important things of society must be in the control of the family, the state itself. This is in main the bank, the money but also other things. We need to take care of everyone like of a beloved family member with respect, appreciation and also with offering personal freedom. The family attitude corresponding to the principle of unity is the guarantee for happiness for the people.

A lot of standards of today need to be checked and changed to the better and then all integrated into a positive, lawful system to offer everyone the basis for a happy life.

As the old systems are doomed, it is time for a new beginning and such ideas will realize. It is only left to each of us if we actively support positive changes or if we prefer to stay asleep.