Polarity and Worship

It is common that in religion there is a male and a female deity which are most important in the pantheon of gods or angels. It is a father or son figure and a mother figure or virgin.

Corresponding to the principle of polarity it is the case that men orientate on the role of the divine father or son and that women orientate on the goddess or virgin, the divine mother. It is like in real life where children orientate on the characteristics of the parents. So in fact, men follow the example of the father, here of the divine father, hero, son, God and women do this with the divine female part. The point is now that men especially worship the female divine, the divine mother, the virgin, the goddess and women worship especially the male divine, the father or son. It is a matter of feeling complete, of worshipping the complementing pole. It is the natural attraction, again like in real life where daughters are attracted to the father and boys are attracted to the mother, both to feel complete and nourished.

We can see this principle in a very nice way when we examine the Knights Templar. The Templars were totally dedicated to God in the Christian Faith. They had the original idea of Jesus as the righteous, powerful master, filled with the divine spirit, speaking and taking action in the name of the Lord. And this example, this spirit they have taken and integrated into their own personality – being like Jesus, following his example, being empowered by the Father. And on the other hand, they deeply loved and worshipped the holy virgin Mary. The Holy Mother offered to the Knights all what they needed besides the spiritual strength of the Father, of Jesus. The Holy Mary offered peace, salvation, comfort, healing, kindness and compassion to the Knights throughout all their fights and hardship. And so they dedicated all their cathedrals to the Holy Mother.

Jesus as the glorious teacher, expressing the power of God with his righteous character serving as a model for orientation and for integrating his virtues and receiving his empowerment to serve the Divine Father and Mary, the Holy Mother as the counter pole to find the female divine compassion and healing for all the hardship on earth.

These things have still great value and can be seen on the highest level as a topic of step 10 in Bardon´s first book – how to work with deities and incorporating deities.

In former times it was also quite normal to orientate on heroes or famous ladies, glorious queens and kings, wise men and women, high priests and high priestesses. Young men and women had their idols, their examples to orientate on.

Today we still have models for orientation but of a questionable quality. Teenagers want to become famous like celebrities, copying them and becoming even worse.

For spiritual people on the path it makes much sense to think about your personal example whom you want to follow or the deity which you want to incorporate and which one you want to worship outside of yourself as the complementing pole.

Jesus and Mary have still their power and fascination. The more you understand their original meaning, the more you love and worship both for what they represent.