Let´s imagine that you are a person who is eager to grow, to make progress, to climb the ladder of success. You are smart. You are diligent, and you use your network to move up quickly. As you are young, you are also a little bit naïve. You are idealistic. You believe in the good nature of humans.

Quite soon you discover that beyond the façade of normality there is a secret world where the real business is made, where people of power make decisions which become reality in public. It is a hidden network of power, of mentors, students, of precious connections, of mysteries and secrets.

As you are smart, you understand quickly that it is a “must” to enter this secret network, this secret society to make career, to earn lots of money and to be important. Besides this, you certainly still have your ideals and positive attitude. You believe that you can help to change the world to become a better place for mankind and all beings.

So one day you apply for membership in this secret society. Your mentor from university helps and from one day to the next, you are accepted. Now a fascinating journey begins. You learn a lot about the secrets of history, of religion, of philosophy. You learn that you have hidden powers which you can unfold. You learn about mastery of life, etc. All these teachings are noble, and you are enthusiastic. Maybe it is a little bit strange that there is space for interpretation for the individual but it is no real problem as you are smart and your mentor helps you.

The first years passes, the second year passes, and you grow more and more into this secret society, into the rituals and world view. You are now a knot in the net, a part of something bigger. You have got new friends, brothers indeed.

The third year passes and meanwhile you have made so much progress that you climb up the ladder again to become a master, a teacher yourself.

Time passes and while you think that you have accomplished everything already, an older brother tells you that there is more to gain, more to learn, that there a more steps to climb up. This makes you curious and sure, you want to ascend.

Following the older brother, you become initiated into new rituals and new mysteries. By the passing of time you get aware that the former teachings, the ideals get a new meaning, that there are important changes in the content of initiation. The higher you climb the ladder, the stranger the teachings become and the more they lose their connection to the basic teachings from years ago. This makes you wonder.

You become aware that your advanced brothers, all these masters have a façade and a hidden true nature. These hidden aspects are quite contrary to the nice façade.

Step by step you understand that the whole network, this secret society is all about power and control, that the members are like dull puppets on a string who live in a kind of illusion while those who are in control are the real masters, – masters without conscience, without any feeling of responsibility, believing that they are gods, believing that there is no karma and no highest God, believing that the end justifies the means. Further on you discover that they are mentally not in health but ill, that they lack of compassion, of a sense for right and wrong, that their ego with all passions and lower desires is dominating. There is simply no refinement of their souls. They are human predators. And these psychopaths rule.

You also discover that their teachings and rituals are completely dark in nature although on the lower levels of initiation they pretend to be dedicated to the light and to serve mankind.

The more you become aware of all these things, the more shocked you are. You are a member of a dark society, of human parasites with big egos, mentally ill but in control of society, of economics, of religion, of politics, of everything indeed.

And now is your question what to do? You cannot simply leave this society. You are bound by rituals and countless vows, not only to the members and masters but also to the belief and the negative beings behind it. And maybe you have done already bad things which you regret but which make you open to blackmail.

What can you do? You are entrapped. You have sold your soul.

On the other side you earn a lot of money. You have a great social position and influence. You are a respected man and member.

What can you do?

Your conscience is a growing, a heavy burden. Your health is getting also worse due to all the stress, your fears.

Maybe you discover other members who think and feel like you but who are also entrapped like you without any idea how to escape.

You are doomed.

If you do not want to lose everything and maybe being even killed by an “accident” then you must continue taking part in the game.

You were simply too naïve and now it is too late.

And now guess how many “good people” climb this ladder and get entrapped?!

The situation with its different aspects can be found everywhere for example in business, companies, in political parties, in religious hierarchies, – everywhere. They all start with nice, positive, idealistic claims and the higher you climb the ladder the more psychopaths you will meet. And when you are not a psychopath then you must fight for survival.

It is useful to understand these mechanisms.

The devil is a smart businessman with a halo around his head, radiant white teeth, a winning smile and a convincing attitude. They psychopathic monster is well hidden behind the façade.

Be careful today! Watch out to get not entrapped by nice “advertisement and promises”.