Healing of relationships

Healing is the super topic for humans. Healing means to balance imbalances and life, also personalities consist of imbalances. One very important aspect of healing is to focus on all your relationships independent from your family. So you should give healing to all former lovers to make peace. You should consider coworkers and bosses, maybe teachers in your youth, neighbors, friends, etc. – simply all persons where you had or have a relationship which was/is not absolutely positive. When you do healing in all your relationships then you will find a deeper peace, a wonderful balance in yourself and with your past, with people who once played an important role in your life. Together with working on your family like described in a different article, you achieve most beneficial results for you and those who are involved.

The topic of healing relationships can be also expanded towards all kinds of dark or negative beings or attached souls or deceased souls. When you do a session with a focus on healing your relationship with dark beings who bother you, then you can achieve freedom in best case. So give it a try, ask for healing for the dark being, healing for you and healing for your relationship. Also ask for blessings, love and light for you both. Make peace. This can also work for your dark children, your larvae which you feed with your bad emotions. And this can work for evil people who are bothering you.

Healing is what we all need.