I want it all, right here, right now and for free!

This is the typical attitude of people today. We live in a society which is based on consumption, endless consumption. And people work only to consume, not to save money, not for a happy future, only for the next smart phone. And the next smart phone comes in time every year. We live in times of industrial fattening, not only of geese and pigs but in main of consumers, – “get this, hurry up, its limit, you need it to feel happy!” And this happens every day while the next trends are already prepared. There is no sense in it but simply to keep people working, keeping them busy and paying all the time for stupid stuff, for taxes, exploiting them perfectly, hypnotizing them with the idea that buying new products can fill the inner emptiness.

However, people today are conditioned in a way that they believe that everything is available instantly without the need for any effort, without any requirements and all for free.

When you study the offers on Facebook or in the internet in general, then you get the hypnotic suggestion that for all problems there is this instant solution available and this is only one click on distance. Here it is equal if you shall make more money easily, if you get beautiful girl-friends easily, if you make a one-million-dollar business over night or whatever you might look for.

Unfortunately, this trend didn´t stop for spiritual topics. People don´t want to bother themselves with own studies and research, they simply want to get direct answers from sources like Facebook or Wikipedia or whomever who appears as an expert on YouTube.

This way of taking everything like fast Junk food for instant satisfaction is very unhealthy. And it simply does not work.

The superficial fast food approach shows an amazing level of immaturity, of ignorance and ego-perspective. Also, the idea that something is available for free is insane. Someone has always to pay for things which seems to be for free.

Now, I cannot change the system. I only observe what is happening. The point is more to become aware of things which are insane and unhealthy, and then to liberate yourself from unhealthy ideas and patterns of behavior. When you understand that there is no magic pill which make you realize instantly your greatest desires, then you can break free from this hypnotic trance and get back to reality. And reality means to turn away from superficial promises and consumption towards own work, own studies, own effort, serious discussions of topics, goal-orientation, etc.

This slogan “higher, faster, better!” origins from the slavery system. Only slaves must run faster, must work better and must get higher results. A free man is self-centered and works only as much as it is useful.

Let´s take one example, – spiritual healing. In three weekend workshops you can become a certified grandmaster of healing. This is the fast food path. In former times it was the common and correct way to undergo long periods of purification, self-healing and soul refinement plus deep studies of the human nature, etc. Additionally, certain tests had to be passed successfully and even then, it was the decision of the master to initiate you or not. As a result or effect, in former times the healers were well educated with a refined character and dedication to higher ideals. Today, “healers” often have no idea what they are doing but the title “master” or “grandmaster” sounds great and feeds the ego.

Those who walk the spiritual path cannot feed from fast food. Otherwise they get lost in delusions very fast. The serious spiritual path takes effort, time and dedication. Due to the modern standard of technics like internet, worldwide discussions of topics, etc. things have changed, and new possibilities are offered for more comprehensive studies and better progress. In the end, we have to choose wisely what is beneficial and what is just a waste of time, – entertainment for the ego.

For us it is also the time to start a counter movement towards the superficial fast food offers. It is time to be authentic, to be real, to be serious and to be deep. People are more and more fed up from all the junk food. People need real food, vital substances for mind, soul and body.

PS: All those who want everything directly, can go to the dark side. It will be not for free but you can pay later and you get all what you want instantly.