At the cinema

Probably everyone has been at a cinema in his life. And in fact, we are all permanently in our personal cinema.

Imagine you are watching a movie in a cinema. Where are you?

Your physical body sits in a seat, but you are not aware of sitting in a seat in a cinema. You have forgotten completely that you are there. Your senses, your mind and your feelings are completely absorbed by the action of the movie. You are in the movie. There is nothing else than the movie. The action of the movie is your present reality.

Now imagine that you go with a friend. You both are watching the same movie. You both share the same reality. You both understand this reality. Afterwards you can talk about the movie, your shared reality.

Now imagine that you go with a friend but your friend watches a different movie. So you do not experience the same reality and it is hard to talk about what you have experienced.

Exactly this happens all the time in life. Two persons might be walking together in nature. But while one person is in its movie called “What do I eat for dinner?” the other person is in its movie called “How can I prepare myself for the exams?”. Both persons are not aware of their walk in nature as this is different movie. So, in conclusion, we can easily have three different realities at once when we are together with a second person. When you understand this, then you understand why a lot of people have problems in communicating with each other. They are simply in different movies with mind and emotions.

A master can consciously change his movie, respectively is aware of his reality, the real world and the reality of the other person.

A normal person is overwhelmed by countless movies, passing through mind and soul. So they cannot enjoy the moment and they cannot understand other persons.

In conclusion, the art is to get into the same movie, the movie of your interlocutor and eventually, to bring him back into the real world or into your movie for a happy conversation. Otherwise you both are talking in a parallel way, having monologues. And this is the big problem of not understanding each other in life.