Family healing sessions

If you want to achieve healing for yourself, then in most cases you need to work on healing your relationships with your family. The reason is simple, – you have grown up in their energy fields, their influence and even when you are an adult, you are still well connected to them. You are under their influence. Besides this, you have also inherited all kinds of mental, astral and physical patterns, characteristics, energies, etc. In conclusion, we cannot see us independent from the system of family.

When you are a healer then you can work on healing yourself and your family. If you are not a healer, you can consult one. The technique is the following:

Differentiate two sessions according the family roots. One session is with your mother and their parents (your grandparents) together with eventually the connected uncle/aunt if they play an important role in your life. Normally, you have some deceased souls in this frame and some who are still on earth. Take them all by imagination into a healing session. You can invite or call them or your intention will be also sufficient. You can imagine that you all are sitting together in a circle and then the healing session can start. The content is about love, forgiveness, deep healing, wishing the best for everyone, showing respect and gratitude and asking for blessings, divine light, love and guidance for all. In this session, you need to integrate yourself too. So all shall receive healing.

Such a session can be done once or more often. This depends on your impression how many sessions are needed. When you have done a session for your mother´s family branch, you do the same for your father´s family branch including his parents (your other grandparents). In general, include also members of your family who had an important influence on you. Bad influences indicate that there are old problems often from former incarnations which need deep healing and forgiveness.

When you do such sessions, then a lot of wonderful healing can take place for your whole family and certainly for you. You will be probably surprised which hidden burdens and pains are released in this way and how good suddenly members understand each other.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this, also for all spiritual healers and for their clients.