The core and the shell

Both can be seen as the two poles of one polarity like the inside and the outside of something. Now, normally both are analogue, corresponding to the law of analogy. But this does not need to be the case which leads to interesting situations.

Let´s take a very simple example. Imagine a praline wrapped in precious paper. The precious “shell” reflects the precious chocolate inside. So, the analogy is perfect. Now imagine that you have precious paper outside. You expect a precious chocolate inside but there is only cheap stuff in it. Or imagine you find a piece of handmade, super delicious chocolate in a simple package where you never would have thought that it could contain such a precious praline. In conclusion, we have logical expectations about the content when we see the outer appearance. And if the expectation is not met, we start to wonder.

But life is not about pralines. I want to point at something much more important. Imagine that there is a noble, mature and beautiful soul. Normally, this soul lives in corresponding life circumstances, in a harmonious body, in a harmonious life situation and this soul would take a corresponding religious or spiritual attitude. But this is only the ideal case and it is more likely that this soul lives in a society and religion with very limited virtues and more bad qualities. So the shell is limited and bad while the soul is beautiful. In such a case, the souls will focus on the good aspects while ignoring the evil ones. The good soul dominates the bad outer appearance / situation. In conclusion, if you meet a good soul in a barbarian culture with a barbarian religion, the good soul will still behave in a positive way. The good soul will cause positive, uplifting influences on the barbarians. In fact, we have a lot of such cases today where the religion is barbaric but good souls gather there to unfold positive influences.

The opposite case is also true. Put a bad or evil soul into a positive position, in a noble religion, then this soul will behave in a bad way, even if the appearance is wonderful. It is the perfect deceiver. In fact, all originally positive movements have been taken over by such deceiver and with this, they were turned into their negative opposite.

In the overall conclusion, we simply would need a lot of good souls who sabotage the limited, dualistic and evil traditions, schools of thought to cause a wonderful transformation, cleaning out all the dirt and lifting up, refining everything.

The principle of infiltration has always been used to break all good movements and to turn them into instruments of the evil. It is the parasite principle where the parasite takes the control over the host to suck his energy and make him move according to its will.

It is important to understand such things. Everything in life has an outer appearance, a façade which is often nice, wonderful, fascinating but as soon as you take a look at the core, the real being behind the façade, you are shocked, you see the ugly evil. And on the other hand, where you see simplicity in the outer appearance, maybe signs of poverty, you can detect gold inside. It is up to us to get not deceived by the façade and to see what is hiding behind it.

In the end, it is left to us to refine the fallen lead into gold again.