Raising awareness

People lack awareness. People are not aware, focused in the present moment, right here, right now. People are not conscious about themselves, about the present situation, about what they are thinking, feeling and how they behave.

In fact, people are like a computer program, like robots, getting impulse from inside or outside and then simply reacting based on their experiences.

Not more.

Fortunately, we have the chance to wake up from this robotic life style. We can become conscious beings.

A conscious human being is fully aware of himself, of the situation and of other human beings which take part. A conscious human being is also aware of all the mental and emotional processes and of behavioral patterns. A conscious human being does not only perceive himself, his thoughts, feelings, needs and desires but he also perceive them in the other human beings. His awareness grown beyond the limitations of his physical body.

This high awareness of everything in the present moment allows the conscious human being to understand the whole situation with his fellow beings. From understanding, the intuitive decision for taking action origins. So indeed, a conscious human being does not react. A conscious human being understands and then takes intuitively action, considering all aspects of a situation.

This means that a conscious human being is centered in himself and with this free to act deliberately. He is not a robot. He can make free decisions. Reactions are not free, as they are programmed by former experiences and a matter of subconscious drives.

Now, when someone reacts, then he loses his balance. Emotional reactions make you lose your balance and as soon as you have lost it, you are not in control of yourself. You are a slave of your emotions, your thoughts, your filter of perception, your prejudices and all your personal limitations.

People do not care about this as they do not understand what is happening. They identify with the programs which are running in the subconsciousness. They do not identify with their true Self. From time to time they feel the pain of being enslaved by their patterns of behavior and they want to break free. But as they lack completely the understanding of their situation, they cannot do anything to escape.

How many times per day do you see someone behaving in exactly the same patterns for the same triggers or impulses? How often to you see someone getting lost in emotional reactions in always the same situations? How many times do you observe people with prejudices without asking for causes? People enjoy to insult others but they do not question anything. People are stupid. People have no empathy. No understanding. No brain and no heart.

Now the question is how to liberate yourself by increasing your awareness. Indeed, it is quite simple. Once you have understood the problem, you can start to deal with it. Stop behaving subconsciously like a programmed robot. Before you think or react emotionally, you make a conscious break and examine yourself, the situation, the other people trying your best to understand everything and by doing so, you find the time to get the right idea how to behave in a conscious and good way. Make a break, observe, understand, take action. The more you do this, the more aware you become. It is a wonderful transformation from a robot to a conscious living being. And from expanding your consciousness over the limitations of your body integrating everyone and everything, you realize that all are a part of a greater reality, a greater being. And with this understanding and experience you realize the value of ethics, the true nature of ethics.

Take a deep breath, get into the observer mode, stop your thoughts and reactions, understand what is happening, understand yourself, the others, the situation, expand your mind, include everyone and everything, find intuitively the right idea for taking action, stay centered, stay balanced, feel free, take conscious action, be alive. Train this every day, all the time. The transformation will happen.