Viveka Mistakes

I have written already about this topic. People lack of viveka in general and unfortunately spiritual people have big problems here as well. Viveka is the ability to distinguish between light and darkness, truth and untruth. Someone who has mastered viveka offers clarity and understanding in all he says and does. Viveka is a matter of wisdom and with this of high and highest development.

I write about this topic today as I saw a statement in the internet which is typical for it:

“Without Light, there can be no Darkness; Without Darkness, there can be no Light. Light and Darkness are two sides of the same coin.”

I am sure that 99% of all esoteric or spiritual people would agree to this statement. But in fact, it lacks of clarity, of viveka. We can say that it is superficial.

The statement suggests that light and darkness have the same quality as they are both just the two sides of one coin. So we could say that both are the poles of a horizontal polarity like left hand and right hand or fire and water. Horizontal polarity means that there is an interaction, a cooperation, a nourishment, a need for co-existence. For example, when you have a polarity of fire and water, both poles are connected by a tension of energy. If one pole breaks down, the other pole will vanish too.

Besides this polarity, we have also a vertical polarity where the poles are opposites in nature but are not really depending on each other. For example, spirit and matter. Spirit exists independent from matter and matter can exist independent from spirit. Now, the same is true for light and for darkness. It is simply a different type of polarity. Light exists untouched from darkness and darkness does not care about the light.

For this reason, the statement above is simply wrong. The correct phrase would be “We need the light to be able to perceive darkness and we need darkness to distinguish the light from it.” So, in fact, it is a matter of perception, of being able to perceive something, to distinguish the one pole from the opposite pole.

Now, when we get back to the original statement with its implication that light and darkness have the same quality/meaning, then we can see also the hidden danger in it. When light and darkness have the same quality, then it is equal which side you choose. This is the dualistic approach. It also means that there is no development from darkness to the light necessary. It suggests that you can do what you like. And this understanding is the key for all the evil going on in this world. “All is good as all are just the two sides of one coin.”

In conclusion, even if the statement was made in a superficial way, simply because everyone is superficial and lacking of wisdom and understanding, it is evil in its core. It is a test and a trap for all those who are on the path. And there are many souls which get entrapped. We need to be more aware how we say things to avoid misunderstandings. Otherwise we do subconsciously evil, misleading people. And there is no other way than to take the journey from darkness to the light and to become one with the light.

For those who are dedicated to wisdom as the crown of development, – we have a fourfold polarity, vertical and horizontal poles and aspects. This must be regarded in a correct analysis.