About spiritual dedication

This is a very important topic for everyone on the path. Real spiritual dedication has long term consequences. When you do mistakes here, then long-term suffering can be the result. Unfortunately, there is space for mistakes. Therefore, I want to clarify some misunderstandings and provide a positive idea of dedication.

The spiritual path takes in part strange ways. For example, there are ascetics who torture their physical bodies. Others prefer to live in the jungle or in caves on their own. Some perceive it as their highest goal to realize Akasha or Nirvana, the state of “nothingness” as the highest reality. Then there are those who completely lose themselves, losing their identity. Others do countless vows to serve all beings until all have reached enlightenment. Many neglect their human nature, including human needs. And for some it seems that they are working on their spiritual suicide, dissolving their nature into nothingness. And then there are those who create divine realms with enlightened beings, something like personal paradises.

Indeed, there are a lot of strange things you can do. Normal religious people wait for a better world after their death. They neglect their existence in the material world and focus everything on the afterlife in heaven.

All these ideas are unhealthy. They simply miss the point.

Creation has its sense and meaning. And the human nature has its sense. It is not about killing or dissolving oneself and it is not about escaping this world. It is more about appreciating and enjoying creation and the possibilities of the human nature.

It is not about taking hardship and suffering for some kind of spiritual ideal. It is not about sacrificing the human nature with human needs, human life style, human happiness, etc. It is more about conscious, positive living, understanding the higher unity which is underlying creation. From the divine unity, love, respect, high ethics, a positive, supportive attitude arise.

If we ask God what we shall do, then God would say something like this: “Be happy, my children, enjoy the greatness of creation, enjoy all the wonders of creation. Unfold your potential, the human and the divine in yourself. Enjoy the initiation into my mysteries and the secrets of creation. Celebrate life to the fullest. Enjoy being a man, a woman, a father, mother, a child, enjoy the principle of family. Enjoy friendship. Enjoy all the adventures of life. Do it all consciously. Be a conscious part of creation. Take consciously part in the divine unity which is underlying all beings and creation itself. Find your place, follow the higher sense of your nature. Do what gives your fulfillment. Celebrate life! Enjoy life! This is all I ask from you.”

Life offers such an abundance of all good things. Life can be such a joy. All the suffering, all the deficiencies are artificial, man-made. And this is the crucial point. We should not mix the original good of life and creation with the man-made, artificial evil in this world. When we return to the lawful order of creation and life, then we are truly happy. Then we follow the true sense in life.

Unfortunately, a lot of unhealthy, evil ideas were brought by humans into spiritual / religious teachings and so many people lost the understanding for the original good.

For the spiritual dedication, all these things mean that we need to orientate everything we do on the divine wisdom and the laws of creation. From this, we can derive everything else. And this means in main to take care about your human nature, your human needs, to enjoy yourself, life and creation, to follow a higher sense in general which offers real happiness, to grow and to flourish in all your aspects, to enjoy a loving relationship and family life, to take part in all the natural-divine good and to live the high ethics which come from the principle of unity. And then just go with the flow, enjoy all your adventures in life, enjoy all the wonders and mysteries, be grateful, loving and happy. Follow your calling, equal what it might be, in this way you serve God, mankind and creation in the best way. It doesn´t matter if you are a Guru, a scientist, an artist, a politician, a gardener, a mother, whatever, do what is the right thing for you.

And when you go beyond your human nature, realizing the Divine in yourself, then enjoy it to walk as a deity in a human body on earth, being a conscious creator, being an initiate in the divine mysteries.

Life wants to be celebrated!

Follow the law of harmony and enjoy creation!