Flushing the energy system

When you have a system of pipes where water runs through, then it can happen that deposits are built which hinder the flow of water or block it completely. To prevent these problems, the pipes are flooded with bigger amounts of water to dissolve the deposits. Here the pressure of the water is able to break them and the pipes get cleaned.

The same principle can be applied for the human energy system. Our energy body consists of simple energetic structures like energy channels and energy pumps. And here we have the same problem – the energy pipes and pumps can have deposits of old, wasted or ill energies which hinder the natural flow of vital energies in the system. The simplest method now is to increase the flow of energy to break the deposits and to release them from the energy body.

You can do this by concentration exercises on the blocked centers (chakras) or by causing a stillness of mind which activates all main chakras for a deep cleaning and vitalizing effect on your whole system. This method has also powerful healing and refining effects.

At least it makes sense to do such a cleaning once per week. Besides all these positive effects, the stillness of mind exercise has certainly further effects like supporting enlightenment experiences and strengthening your God-connection and Divine Guidance.

So it is quite clear why Bardon has put so much emphasize on this exercise.

PS: Certainly you can use this technique also for urgent problems to activate your self-healing processes and to supply vital energies.