Are you free or a victim?

Freedom is the divine birthright which is given to every human being. So we say that the free will is holy. Unfortunately the personal free will is for most people only potentially available. Freedom and free decisions are a matter of knowledge, of wisdom, of love and of power. Only if you have these qualities, then you understand your situation, you can make a wise decision, you have the right feeling and you have the power to realize your decision. Saying this, it is obvious that we have to gain these qualities by undergoing a spiritual development to gain real freedom in the end. Freedom is indeed a matter of enlightenment, of experiencing your true nature.

If you lack of knowledge, you cannot understand yourself and your situation as you should do.

If you lack of wisdom, you will make wrong or unhealthy decisions.

If you lack of love, then you lack of what is truly nourishing you and making you strong and self-confident. And you are stuck in your ego and with this in delusions. How could you be able to understand reality?

If you lack of power, you cannot realize what is good and useful for you. You can and will be an easy victim of others who are stronger and of all your lower desires and drives. You are simply not in control if you lack of power.

Through all times in the history of mankind, most people had great deficiencies in these aspects and were controlled by a few who had more power and more knowledge (not more wisdom and not more love and so suffering was the result).

Today it is high time that all people get into power, develop love and wisdom and a deeper understanding of themselves and what is going on in the world.

We must become powerful and mature to be able to do what is right and good for all.

Don´t be a victim any longer!

Become a master of your life!

Change yourself and change the world!

It is high time!