Thinking like Hermes

People today believe that they have a highly developed intellect and that they are good at thinking. Unfortunately this is just an illusion as people do not learn how to think, – not at school and not at university. Thinking is an art and a science and only in special schools of former times and in certain spiritual traditions, thinking is a topic of training. For example in the old Greek schools of philosophy, the students were taught how to think in a logical way to get useful results instead of just sharing personal opinions. Thinking and argumentation is still an important topic in Buddhistic monasteries in the education of the young monks. People today can only repeat what they were forced to learn but logical thinking is hard and rarely to meet.

Skilled thinkers follow a logical and objective way of discussing a topic to find the cause of problems and possible solutions, to observe a topic from all different perspectives and to evaluate arguments. This is good and important. Everyone should learn and practice this. Especially those on the holy path.

Besides this in main “linear thinking” there is the “unconventional thinking” which can be associated with the special nature of the mercury sphere and its spirits. You can get an impression of it when you read the stories of Hermes in the old Greek legends. This way of thinking seems to be without any limits. Here the laws of nature are used in very unconventional ways which is quite fascinating and sometimes uses the principle of duality and polarity.

The initiate or master should be skilled in both ways of thinking. Quite often the unconventional ideas offer solutions where the normal way of thinking brings no results.

Creation offers a lot of mysteries which are very interesting to study. They are all waiting for you.