About Kryptomelan / Cryptomelane

In general there are stones, crystals and metals with very interesting qualities and effects. They are all structures which store and accumulate specific energies. All these energies can be tracked back to the five elements, the two fluids and the spheres.

By coincidence I have discovered a stone called Kryptomelan. It has a metallic nature and black color with a silver gloss. It is used as a stone for healing.

The point here is that it has qualities of Akasha and of the magnetic fluid. It is also connected to the moon sphere energies. And with it offers wonderful energies for healing, for calming down, for coping with inflammation processes, etc. It is good for recovering, for sleeping, for vitalizing and for coping with stress and fiery emotions. It should help also for pain relief.

For all those who are in need in this regard, I want to suggest to try the stone as a pendant.

The stone can also be used to support you in your development of the higher senses. Higher perception is connected to finest magnetic fluid.

As a side note:

I think that in the future a kind of therapy will be developed on the basis of using specific stones/metals/crystals together with the knowledge of the occult anatomy, the two fluids and five elements and the additional use of light.