Mystic Lecture to reawaken the core of spirituality

Preface: Although we live in an atheistic-materialistic world, there are still a lot of religious people who more or less believe in God and higher values. Unfortunately at the same time these people orientate on dogmas and traditional behavior. This is an unhealthy, ambivalent attitude, – believing in the absolute God, absolute love, absolute mercy, absolute wisdom, etc. and at the same time in all human made religious limitations of dogmatism and tradition. This is a contradiction which can be found in most religions, especially in the youngest ones. They say that God is all-loving, all-merciful and at the same time they have no problem with torturing or killing people who do not fit into their religious understanding.

Now the point or solution is to remind people about true spirituality and what absolute virtues of God really mean in contrast to human made dogmas. There is a big need of reawakening true spirituality in religious people to liberate them from those things which are not divine revelations at all but products of human egos.

Every true spiritual person can orientate on the following lecture and offer it to religious communities in his area or simply create an event on Facebook where interested people are invited to listen and to discuss these things afterwards.

We are the bearers of Light and Love. The more we offer such lectures, the more Love and Light will be spread igniting the Divine Spirit in the souls of people.

In fact this is a Holy Mission! Understand the great importance!

We are here to enlighten the minds and hearts to make the darkness vanish in the souls of humans!

Very important to regard is that we are not here to offend anyone, also not to blame or to criticize. It is not about starting fights.

Quite the contrary we are working in the name of love, light and understanding. We remind people in an enthusiastic way about the greatness of God and his wonderful virtues which go beyond human egos, human thinking and human behavior. We convince in the absolute positive way, the way of love and wisdom.

We are here to awaken the hearts of men.

Certainly it makes sense to organize for example a group on Facebook to manage such lectures, to help each other, to connect in general. You can join me in my group “In love with God – the group for true Mystics”. From there we can give it all a start. I will also offer my lecture as a webinar and video.

My lecture, an example for orientation:

Title: Spirituality – the Heart of Religion

Subtitle: The Need for Refocusing & Reanimation

Dear fellow human beings,

thank you very much for joining me in my lecture about spirituality, the heart of religion! I welcome you all cordially and I wish you all a blessed evening full of enlightenment! May our hearts flourish!

As you may have noticed I have welcomed you as my dear fellow human beings, – not as ladies and gentlemen or specific fellows of this or that belief. The reason is simple, – in first place we are all human beings!

In the complexity of everyday life we can easily forget about this fact, focusing only on differences and stereotyped thinking.

It is natural to classify, to differentiate and to think in stereotypes. We are all shaped and conditioned by our culture, by education, tradition, if we are men or women, by age, country, society and certainly religion.

We are born naked as human beings but then everyone wants to shape us so that we fit into the standard of society.

This is a process which is for most of us completely subconsciously happening.

As babies we are all human beings, – nothing else and nothing special. But then the differentiation, classification and conditioning happens. Then we are differentiated individuals, belonging to a certain culture, tradition, religion, society, etc. Then we differentiate between me and you. Then we have lost the understanding that we are all human beings, all brothers and sisters of one great family.

Imagine that you forget about your brothers and sisters, about your whole family?

It is unconceivable! But it is the case.

Even more sad and tragic is that due to this massive differentiation and shaping people can be convinced easily to fight each other.

The underlying, natural unity of love and understanding has been lost in big parts and so it is no wonder that we experience so many wars, so much hate and destruction.

Why should you kill your brother? Why should you hate your sister? It is unnatural! Quite the contrary we should love each other, wish us only the best and cooperate for our benefit.

A wise man was asked by his disciple: Master, when does the night end? And the wise man answered: When you recognize the other person as your brother or sister.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us make the darkness vanish!

It is high time that the sun rises in this world!

It is time to remember that we all belong to this wonderful family of mankind, that we are here enjoy life together in light, love and understanding!

It is the old and eternal message of all the enlightened teachers of mankind: Love thy neighbor as thyself!

This message of wisdom contains also the idea that you should accept and love yourself unconditionally too. Are you aware of this?

How many people today feel not accepted, not respected, not loved? How shall they be able to show true love to others? To understand other people with judging them?

And how should they be able to enjoy life, to live in the abundance of God?

All these things are connected!

So most people have to heal themselves from all the evil which they have experienced, from all the pain, the hurts, from anger, hate and deficiency. And when they are healed, they can start to grow and to flourish. They can start to develop true love and understanding. And only then they are ready to love themselves and all other human beings.

This is very important to understand, – most of us need deep healing of the soul to be able to feel true love as in these days of darkness and chaos people get hurt too much.

The principle of the all-embracing divine love is the core of spirituality and with this the core of all religions. It is the love of God, the Supreme Being who is giving life to all beings in creation. It is the selfless love of a mother, the selfless love of a father for their children, the nourishing, unconditional love which offers comfort and security, and confidence into life.

Unfortunately this divine, fatherly or motherly love is quite rare among humans. Life conditions are often hard. Already young souls get hurt and suffer from the lacking of unconditional love. So much hurt and pain everywhere. This makes it hard to develop true love and understanding. It is a problem which is often handed down from one generation to the next one. In fact it is very hard for children to behave different to their parents. It takes a lot of personal power to bring up positive changes. A lot of therapy and educational work is necessary.

But let us return to spirituality, to the principle of divine love. All of you will agree with me when I say that God, the Supreme Being is absolute in his nature and beyond normal human thinking. Human beings are quite relative in their thoughts, emotions and behavior in contrast to the absolute nature of God. So in terms of love it can have different meanings when a human talks about it. On the human, relative level love can mean attraction, sympathy, sexual passions, personal happiness of being together but also the selfless, nourishing form of the love of parents for their children. Love can go so far that a person sacrifices itself for another person.

So in conclusion we see here a diversity of relative kinds of love, from lower meanings up to higher and highest meanings until we reach the level of divine love, the love which goes beyond the ego, beyond personal needs and wishes. The highest kind of love is the absolute love of God for all his children, for the whole creation and all beings. God´s love does not ask for anything. It is like the sun which offers selflessly its light for all beings, independent if they are good or bad. This is the divine standard. A completely different question is if you are able to receive the divine love consciously or not. The more your heart is developed the more divine love you are able to receive and to give to others. On the other hand, the more you are lost in darkness, the less you are able to receive. It is up to you!

To comprehend these important aspects better you can imagine that love exists in different levels from zero to hundred percent. 100% love is the absolute standard, the standard of God while all other levels are relative. 10% is maybe simple attraction between molecules for a chemical reaction. 30% is maybe the level of sympathy between two persons. 50% is maybe sexual attraction and desire. 70% is maybe love between two persons with the idea to marry and live together. 90% is the unconditional love of parents for their children. And from 90%-100% it is the love of a human being for all fellow human beings and all creatures, for God, for wisdom and the idea to work consciously on the spiritual development to serve mankind in its evolution.

This means in the end that we human beings can realize the absolute divine standard of love in ourselves.

And with divine love, divine compassion, divine wisdom and understanding and many more wonderful virtues come along. They are all a matter of the heart, the awakened heart!

Now let´s imagine that you are one of the holy persons, totally dedicated to serve God, mankind and creation, with a flourishing heart, full of wisdom and compassion.

How would you perceive the world around you?

How would you perceive your fellow humans?

How would you perceive society, tradition and religion?

From this high point of divine love and wisdom you would probably see the world with different eyes than any normal human being.

You would question a lot of teachings, dogmas and common procedures.

You would see that there is a difference between man-made dogmas and divine, enlightened teachings, that the first ones have the aim to keep people under control and to give them rules of behavior in normal life while the higher, divine teachings have liberating, enlightening effects on people, revealing laws of creation and higher truths.

You will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. You will be able to distinguish between light and darkness, good teachings and evil teachings.

And most of all you will be able to make the right decisions beyond dogmatism, tradition, teachings, etc. You will be free to follow the higher sense in life. You will be free to do what is right and good, not only for yourself but for the greater whole.

You are a conscious servant of God, mankind and creation.

And you see the good and the bad in all religions, in all traditions, in all teachings.

And you will appreciate the light everywhere while you will neglect the darkness in the same way.

You will come back to the truth that we are in first place all humans, all brothers and sisters of the one, great family of mankind.

And this is the point beyond all teachings and religious beliefs. We are one amazing family independent from culture, education, religion, belief, etc.

And exactly for this wonderful idea I am here, talking to you, reminding you of this magnificent truth!

I call each one of you to refocus, to reanimate the true spirituality in your belief, in your religion, to come back to the root, to reconnect to the Supreme Being, to God, to the Divine Source of love, light and life.

Let the unconditional, all-embracing love awaken and flourish in your heart!

Let the Divine Light awaken the Spirit in you!

Become aware that you are a Divine Child, that we all are children of God!

Go beyond human dogmas and celebrate the greater unity of mankind!

We are all brothers and sisters!

We are all children of love!

Let´s love and understand each other!

Let´s work together for the benefit of all!

Let´s serve each other to realize divine happiness, to realize heaven on earth!

So be it, my dear brothers and sisters!

So be it!

The lecture is finished and a discussion can start.

My aim is that this lecture is translated in all languages and shared in all countries to inspire people, to bring people together beyond the borders of religions and beliefs.

The sunrise of the new spiritual age is coming soon and we are here to prepare it. So please join me!

In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole