The origin of initiations

Have you ever asked yourself who invented the idea to give initiations together with the corresponding rituals and symbolism?

In fact the idea has not been invented by humans. Initiations are a typical procedure which you face in the higher realms when you meet deities.

So we can imagine it in this way that high spiritual souls incarnated here on earth, had meetings with deities on the higher planes and transferred their experiences of undergoing tests and initiations to their spiritual and religious traditions to educate their aspirants, students and priests.

Today we can see such initiations in secret societies, certainly meanwhile with a very human quality. In comparison with the standards of the deities on the higher planes, the human forms of initiation have only a very low quality. Unfortunately the standard here below cannot be improved much. There are too many limiting factors while in the higher realms there are no limits at all.

The original initiation procedure in the higher realms consists of a lot of symbolism, symbolic experiences, symbolic actions, the test of your maturity – if you are worthy, conversations where you have to put the right questions and give fitting answers, you receive teachings or a lesson and in the end you receive empowerment, blessings, holy symbols/tools, etc. Then you have reached a new level of knowledge, power, divine support, etc.

The original initiation procedure clearly shows that these experiences are quite individual, holy, that these things cannot or should not be shared with profane people, only with other initiates as only they can understand what you have experienced. And it is obvious that no one else but you must undergo the initiation to be an initiated one in the end. Intellectual studies or sharing of knowledge cannot replace a real initiation. No one can take the journey for you.

We also see clearly that maturity of the soul together with the orientation and dedication on highest ideals is the one and only key for initiation. Deities can easily read your mind, your personality and there is nothing you ever could hide from them. So if you are not worthy you won´t get initiation and all the gifts and blessings which are included.

In conclusion this means that in first place every true spiritual seeker should work on his refinement to become worthy for initiation. And it also means that the highest and most authentic initiation does not take place on earth but in the higher realms.