Good god, bad good

This is a topic which is not obvious on the first sight but logical on the second sight. Let´s imagine that we examine the idea of the supreme deity in a religious tradition. And let´s imagine that we discover statements which point at absolute and positive qualities like almightiness, all-embracing love, all-mercifulness, omniscience, etc. and at the same time typical human and also bad characteristics of being jealous, revengeful, limited in understanding, evil, etc.

In fact we receive a picture of this supreme deity which does not fit, which is not logical. You cannot be all-embracing and all-merciful and at the same time jealous and hateful. Absolute characteristics cannot be mixed up with contrary relative characteristics. This is mutually exclusive.

However we have not one religious tradition thinking in this way but several which makes their understanding of the supreme deity questionable.

But besides this, the practical point is now what happens when such religious followers worship their supreme deity in such an ambiguous way?

In fact, even if they address the “one God”, they will connect to a deity and its counterpart, the corresponding demon. The good deity will offer all that is good and beneficial while the demon will bring all what is destructive, separating and evil. As simple as it is. So there won´t be one god which is in charge but good and evil as the idea of the Supreme Being is absolute and relative, good and bad. And this easily explains what is happening in the world in the name of certain religions and certain ideas of a Supreme Being.

When you worship an idea connected to destruction, hate, separation, war, submission, jealousy and so on then you are in contact with demons, with a destructive demonic deity. And this is a real difference to worshipping the positive absolute.

This must be clear.

As a side note: Even if your idea of the Supreme Being belongs to the Absolute and you address a specific aspect of life then you will connect to the deity in the hierarchy which is responsible in the name of the Absolute for this specific field of activity. The Supreme Godhead is at the top of the hierarchy and there are countless divine beings which work in his name.

But certainly most people don´t care about such details.

I would be glad and grateful if religious followers understand to distinguish their evil, relative ideas of the Supreme Godhead from the real, positive and absolute ideas to stop worshipping and cooperating with demons and focusing on the Highest Good for all.

Somewhere in the future this will happen. Until then a lot of suffering and evil will still be done in the name of the Highest although it happens in the name of demons.