Some Thoughts about the Will

When people talk about their will then it is quite often not the conscious will but more a subconscious drive. “I feel driven to do this or that. I feel a need or desire rising which makes me doing this or that.”

This is the “will” or better the drive of normal people, sleeping people who are driven nearly up to 90% or more by their subconsciousness, – by things which they are not really aware of.

In contrast to this, there is the conscious will of the awakened ones who follow a higher sense, who understand the necessity of doing things for a higher reason. This will is connected to higher intuition, divine guidance, wisdom and insights. It is the free decision to do the right thing in the present situation.

When you are driven by subconscious impulses then it is not an expression of free will. It is like being a horse which is ridden. The horse does not express its free will but in fact simply follows the will of the rider. And this is a major difference. Here we see also one main aim in the spiritual development – to become the one who is in control, to enthrone the own spirit!

In fact true freedom means to understand the diversity or options of choices, good choices, bad choices and then to choose consciously the best option, the right thing. And so you express your free will.

If you lack of understanding your options in their effects and if you are driven by your subconsciousness, then you simply have no free will.

So indeed what we call free will must be developed by undergoing spiritual training and accomplishing a higher degree of spiritual maturity.

Besides this we have further aspects which take some more thinking or meditating.

Let´s imagine that you are a mature soul and you understand that you are in an oversize kindergarten with plenty of immature souls doing nonsense, bad things, stupid things, misbehaving all the time, and so on. So in fact you do not really belong in this kindergarten as you are much too old for such games and immature behavior. Now it is up to you what you want to do. Do you want to subordinate yourself to this kindergarten standard? Do you want to go your own way? Which role do you want to play? What is your will? What does your intuition tells you? What is your place in society, in this incarnation?

The point here is that you must become aware of your own world view, of the limits you believe in and of what is beyond these mental limitations. So it is quite possible that you discover that you are freer than you have believed so far. Even if you have decided to serve God, mankind and creation it is up to you in which field you want to do this and in which intensity. Being too selfless and doing extra hours without limits is not wise in the end.

The highest aspect of free will is found in the nature of the divine will. Will is causing reality. The divine will is causing reality, the reality of creation. The will of an adept causes reality.

This means that the reality which you experience depends on the divine will, respectively on your awakened will (or on your subconsciousness). It means also that you can change reality as an expression of your will. And this means that you can go beyond apparent limitations of reality.

In fact the main problem is your belief system. It is setting mental limitations. When you understand this and when you have the will of an adept then you can go beyond. You can create a better, more useful reality than before.

It is the typical statement “This does not work. It hasn´t worked out in the past. So it won´t work now or in the future!” And then you come, you understand the problem, you see the solution and you realize the solution and with this you have created a new reality which hasn´t been experienced before.

So it is very important to understand your own limiting belief system and in best case to go beyond. Be a daredevil!

The point here is especially that when you are really powerful in your will that you can find solutions where no solutions has been possible before. You can realize the impossible! You can change situations! But this takes divine will.

The divine will is working beyond all limitations.

As a magician you can unite with the divine will and the almightiness. And then you can set new causes to change things.

Understand and realize your original power as a creator!