This is a fascinating psychological phenomenon. Quite often in life when we think about challenges respectively the challenges of others then we have the idea that “I could never do this!” We are simply not able to imagine to undergo a certain hardship, such pains, problems, being so strong, so patient or whatever it might take to face the challenge, this hard duty, this hard job, this difficult relationship, this disease, this adventure, etc.

The problem here is that we lack of the corresponding experiences and so we have no idea about how it feels to be facing a certain challenge. And as we have no idea about it and only thinking of the own resources, powers, skills, attitude, we can easily come to the conclusion that we are not able to do it.

But then something very simple happens. The situation in life turns into a challenge which we cannot escape, where we are forced to face it, to accept it and to undergo it independent how hard and dark it might be, where no one asks if we are ready or not, if we have the power to stand it or not.

And then the wonder happens. Maybe at first you cry, you are angry, you have doubts, you don´t know what to do but then you simply do it! Fate pushes you into a personal challenge and then you grow by undergoing this challenge, then you develop “suddenly” and “from nothing” all you need to go through it. Maybe you are not perfect but this doesn´t matter, you are growing in your personality!

And after the challenge you are someone else, stronger, wiser, maybe more compassionate, etc. You are on a new level! You have increased your positive characteristics!

Now we have discovered the secret of creation, of human soul evolution – being put into challenges by fate makes you evolve!

This means that challenges are simply a characteristic of life and that they serve a higher sense. The bad, evil and unpleasant, the unknown, the difficult, the hard, the forcing, pushing offers positive fruits in the end. When you understand this, then it is easier for you to take challenges instead of trying to escape them.

It also means that you do not need to wait until a challenge is given by life but that you can take your challenges proactively. Look around and check what is helping you to grow in the aspects of your personality which need improvement and then take your chosen challenge consciously and grow!

Normal people have a passive attitude and simply wait for a kick in the butt by fate and even then they try to escape, try to stay in their little comfort zone, not willing to grow beyond. The result is that they take a lot of pain and discomfort by waiting too long to get their issues managed.

A spiritual aspirant should be wiser, taking a positive, conscious and active attitude, finding useful challenges and undergoing them like a knight or master with trust in God, in creation, in his own development and the greater good.

At last, when you watch young children trying to escape or to go against unpleasant but necessary actions, then you see that crying, anger, fighting, running does not help at all in the end. It is just a waste of time and energy. And you as an adult, don´t behave like these children. Better take your challenge. Ask God, the spiritual hierarchy, brothers and sisters for support and guidance, for power, for love and wisdom, and then do it.

Understand that you are here to grow beyond your present limitations!

Challenges are meant to serve you in this task!