About deities

There are beings which have divine characteristics and so we call them deities. And then there are beings which appear in some way superior to humans and they are often called deities too. Besides the really existing beings, there are ideas of deities as a matter of belief and imagination. Now, it is useful to differentiate here, to really understand whom you worship or with whom you work.

The highest and original deities are the spirits of the spheres. Their nature is spirit and spirit is divine, belonging to the highest mental plane. These deities are completely “composed” of divine virtues, divine powers, divine consciousness, divine skills, divine knowledge and this all beyond the realms of time and matter. “Composed” means that their nature is based on the quabbalistic letters so that the quabbalistic name expresses their characteristics. Besides the quabbalistic name, they have many names depending on the different people, their culture, language, etc. In ancient times this principle was known and people understood that for example their sun god was worshipped in a different culture under a different name but in the end it was the same deity.

The point here is that the divine realms of these spirits or deities are far away from the normal human energy level, the normal human realms. In a human being there is nearly nothing divine regarding the quality and quantity of energy. And this means that it is hard to get into contact with these deities.

In contrast to this, there are higher beings of nature, of the astral realms which are much closer to the human world, much denser in nature and so easier to contact. These are the deities of nature. In the spiritual hierarchy they are certainly on a much lower level than the high deities of the spheres. In general, all beings in the hierarchy have their function and field of responsibility.

Then we know that people of all times have produced their own ideas of God and deities for different purposes, – independent if they were real or not. In most cases a fitting, really existing deity simply “received the call” and took action. In other cases, it didn´t work out as there was no one to receive the prayer. And then there are cases where the worshipping included powerful mental and emotional activities plus sacrifices of animals. This immense amount of different energies plus the strong image of the “deity” created indeed a mental-astral being with specific characteristics. (Here I refer to the practices of Bardon how to create mental and astral beings. The magical animation of pictures and statues plays already a role.) Such artificially created beings certainly need to be nourished – by further worshipping and sacrifices or by the vampirization of the followers. In a positive case, the being was just a “body” for the expression of an already existing deity, being created subconsciously by worshipping a corresponding picture or statue.

These artificial “deities” are still used today in cults where they are “called” to fulfill certain wishes of the priest or his client in exchange of sacrifices.

As I have said already, it is important to see the differences when talking about deities. And in the end, the completely trained and refined human being is the highest temple of God, the Divine Spirit. Only we humans have the potential to integrate all divine characteristics. Deities present “only” certain aspects of the Highest.

And at last a practical hint. For example, when you have a deep connection to a certain deity, then you can buy a picture or statue of it, put it on your altar and by daily prayers and worshipping of this deity presented on your altar, you create indeed a mental-astral body, an energetic home for the spirit of this deity. And then, the deity can connect to your picture/statue and “live in this temple”. This means that you have created a true connection to the deity with the possibility to send direct prayers and to receive the blessings of the deity through the picture/statue.

When you examine old statues from Egypt, from India, from Buddhists, etc. then you can see that they are alive, that they contain the energies of the worshipped deity. And this is simply a wonderful, an amazing experience. Such animated statues on your altar can be so enriching. For example, you are a Buddhist and you have a statue of Buddha on your altar, and you do daily prayers and worshipping, then you can feel the presence of Buddha radiating from your statue. Or when you have a statue of Holy Maria or Jesus then you get into connection with the divine Spirit which is connected to them. The goddess (Maria, Lakshmi, Tara, etc.) has wonderful influences for healing, for comforting, for wish fulfilling. And Jesus or Buddha can strengthen your Spirit, your inner Light.

In conclusion, enrich your life with a good connection to deities.