What is the main problem of humans?

Lacking of enlightenment is for sure a big problem. Lacking of the knowledge about God and creation is also a big problem. Lacking of true love, wisdom and compassion is a problem. But the major problem is something different. The biggest problem of human beings is the violation of the law of unity. Going against the law of unity means to follow the principle of separation and this is the diabolic (separating) principle. Here the original unity is cut or broken into individual pieces which are fighting each other, suffering from the unholy separation. The diabolic principle is often used to rule over countries by splitting them in different parts. It works also well by splitting people into different groups of belief to keep them busy and under control. And today in society, we see how the family is split into women fighting against men, adults fighting against children and older people. The principle of separation and fighting keeps people busy, makes them waste precious energies and withdraws their attention from the real evil.

The law of unity can be also described as the family principle for society and mankind in general. It is a major difference if you understand a community of people as one big family or if you understand them as a group of strangers, individuals who do not care about each other but quite the contrary must fight each other for survival or dominance.

Imagine that you are the mother or father of a big family. The family offers the feeling of unity. Everyone of the family knows that he or she belongs to this greater unity and that this greater unity takes true care about every member, being supportive, protective and in general helping each other in all situations. This gives a feeling of security, of power, of being loved and accepted. It is empowering.

Now, what we call family is the core of society, the smallest community in society. And society is supposed to work like a big family, to take care of everyone, to empower everyone, to wish every member the best for life.

But indeed, the diabolic principle rules today and even the religious institutions do not care at all about society. It is the big fight of everyone versus everyone else, supporting the ego attitude and perspective. And this means that there are only a very few winners and a lot of losers. The winners take it all while the “better” losers must pay for the complete losers.

The whole system of society is created in this way, – to produce a few winners and a lot of losers. It starts already at school.

And when you think about the big business companies or banks then you can see that they take all profits but if they have problems, society must pay for them.

The diabolic principle causes only suffering and endless fighting. There is no good in it. And it is used consciously by the elite for their games of power, for “divide and rule”. Society decays. Religion decays. Mankind decays by this principle.

In former times without the atheistic-materialistic philosophy, society was based on religion, religious morals and ethics. And here it was usual to take care about those who were poor or disadvantaged. The rich people made donations. And besides this, they all had the ideal to make their people and their country grow and prosper.

Today, we have lost everything of value thanks to the godless attitude. No God, no spirit, no compassion, no higher laws but only the human ego, the selfishness, the desire to live and act like a parasite, to exploit whatever comes your way.

Now, the earlier people understand how critical the family principle is for the conditions of a happy, peaceful paradise on earth, the earlier we can get back to the original state of unity, of being one amazing family. And then we can cooperate and follow all higher principles of nature for a blessed life on earth.