One to nine

The number One contains all other numbers as it is the origin of all numbers. Number ten is a reflection of number one. And this is true for hundred, thousand, and so on. Number ten is complete in itself like number one is.

Now when we differentiate a little bit, then we have the number ten, reflecting the number one with the quality of being complete and perfect. The number ten is built on 1 + 9. Number nine reflects the fruitful and endless reproduction, the diversity of creation.

Besides the analogies of one and nine, I want to point at something different. Independent of what we examine, there is always only one right answer and lots of wrong answers. There is always only one center and a diversity of points around the center, forming a field or object. Think about a dartboard or the Akasha depth point of an object. There is also only one key which fits into the lock to open it while the diversity of other keys is not able to open the door.

There is for everything a chain of ideas and we must go through these ideas to hit the right one in the end. It is a process of learning, of making experiences. There is always only one right answer in a heap of wrong answers, half-truths, lies, totally bad ideas, nearly perfect answers and it is our job, our game to find the right one in this heap.

In Germany we have a saying: “Trying to find a needle in a haystack.” This reflects the situation, – to find the one true answer among countless wrong answers.

Bardon talks about this chain of ideas and that this is a principle in life to have to get to know all ideas of one topic to progress in the end. For example, how does it feel like to be the fire pole? How does it feel like to be the water pole? What does it mean to be the earth pole, holding fire and water? And what does it mean to be the air pole, balancing fire and water, and hovering above the earth pole? Only when you have walked through all poles you will have experienced and understood the tetragrammaton. And this is true for all polarities in life and there is always only one divine pole, the center, the number one.

Getting back to 1+9 = 10 we can say that when you have a total of ten choices, only one choice is good, the right one while all other 9 choices are wrong or not good enough. Nevertheless, somehow you have to get into touch with them to understand why the ONE choice is the right and perfect one.

We can get also one step further. One choice is perfect, two choices are good and nearly perfect. Three choices are maybe sufficient but not good. And four choices are bad. 1:2:3:4 = 10 = 1+2+3+4. It is the basic triangle of creation. 1 = God; 2 = Mental World; 3 = Astral World; 4 = Material World.

We have 1:9, we have 1:99 and we have 1:999. The deeper we go into creation, the bigger are the numbers, the numbers of choices and still only one is the right choice.

This fact causes the challenges in life, the problems that we have to face every day. We perceive 100 choices, one is the only good one and 99 cause problems, dissatisfaction, trouble and if we make the wrong choice we need time and effort to find a better or the best one. Now, the funny thing is that we cannot really withdraw ourselves from this principle of creation – having to walk through the chain of ideas. We can only make countless mistakes and bad decisions until we are so wise and mature that making good decisions becomes easier. So in conclusion, “stupidity” is painful but also natural. And in fact, this is also the reason why from hundred people only “one” is perfect and the “rest” is spread in the polarity of ignorance, – some have this opinion, one pole, and the others have that opinion, the counter pole, and then there are those who stand between both poles and a fourth party includes all opinions without differentiation. Fire, water, air and earth. The tetragrammaton in creation. (This is certainly very simplified. But for example when you examine political movements, then you have the right wing, the left wing, someone between both and a fourth group which is indifferent. The smart ones do not take part in this game but control it.)

In conclusion, I know it is hard to feel stupid and to make mistakes, to make wrong decisions, but that´s life and that´s the concept of creation. After 99 mistakes you make one right decision. This is a hard way. And even if there are “only” 9 wrong choices, it is bitter enough. But again, that´s how progress is initiated. And that´s also the reason why the smart or wise men say that you should not care about your mistakes but just move on until the one, right decision is done which lifts you up on the next level.

And I want to emphasize it here – this is also how the training works. You do your exercise more or less good or bad and with every repetition you do it better until the day comes where you make it perfect for the first time and with this you have accomplished the next level where you will be able to make this exercise always perfectly, – “the number one master style performance”.

And again, in conclusion, – the stupidest thing you can do is to give up because of failure and mistakes. Success means to go on until perfection, the number one is reached.

And maybe it helps you when you know that I often feel quite stupid and this although I have studied 3-4 times the amount of normal people and made much progress on the path. In life there are always situations where we have a lesson to learn or knowledge to refine. Life simply requires a good sense of humor.