The performance accelerator

The hamster wheel is running faster and faster. In fact, we have already more than one hamster wheel which we must keeping moving as life has become very complex with a diversity of duties.

Now, the main mistake is to simply increase all your efforts as you get exhausted easily and fast.

The key for a better performance is to take breaks, a good nap after lunch to recover and to be fit for the afternoon.

It is a misunderstanding when you think that breaks and a nap only steal your precious time. In fact, your subconsciousness uses this time to find solutions or to get inspired while your mind is withdrawn from work and busy with other things. And during a nap, all kinds of physical, energetical and mental tensions can be released for a better and vital flow of energy and with this for a better performance. And certainly, your batteries are recharged during a nap while also wasted energies are released.

In conclusion, the wise man takes breaks and a nap during the day to vitalize, to release stress and tension and to get inspired for finding fitting solutions.

So do not become a victim of exhaustion as it doesn´t help you in anyway to make progress.