The global Punch and Judy show

Most people take life in society seriously. They think that politics is serious, that the news on TV are serious, that religious teachers are serious, that business is serious, that science is serious, that money is serious, etc. They even take themselves seriously.

Unfortunately, this is a big error. It is a great delusion without reality.

In fact, we are all participants in a big Punch and Judy show where different kinds of stage plays are presented. And people believe that it is all real, all serious stuff. People believe in the clowns, the puppets and the marionettes. And people feel empathy with the clown when the evil crocodile pops in to threat him. People believe in all the stories which are told. They do not question anything but sit there in the audience, with open mouths, wondering about the things which are happening, – all the dramas, the challenges, the tragedies and the comedy parts. The people are hypnotized by the Punch and Judy show.

And the puppet masters are happy. When the people are hypnotized, then it means that they make a good job, that the people are well entertained, that they are withdrawn from reality.

Now the point is that the Punch and Judy show is obvious, that the stage plays are obvious, that the audience is able to see and understand that it is all a hoax, a fraud, that it simply cannot be true for logical reasons.

Nevertheless, most people prefer to stay hypnotized instead of listening to those who say that it is all a fraud. It is the successful application of mass psychology by the puppet masters which keeps the immature people in this unhealthy trance state of manipulation.

One useful thing you can do is to ask for the intentions behind the words and the behavior of those who are in power. Ask who really benefits from the stories which are told and the things which are happening. Always be aware that you see the puppets on stage but not the hidden puppet masters. Ask yourself how you are meant by the stage play to react and for which reasons. Ask for the reality behind the stage play. And know that the puppet master controls all puppets, even those which beat each other.

Ask yourself how democratic your democracy really is. Ask yourself why everything gets only worse although the politicians proclaim to work in your interest. Ask yourself why nothing really changes for the better.

Ask yourself how scientific science really is. Ask yourself what the basis of science today is. Ask yourself which intentions and which goals scientists have and who is paying them.

Ask yourself which intentions religious leader have and what they do for the people.

Ask yourself which intentions the education system and business follow.

Ask yourself about the intentions and aims of the medical care system. Does the pharmaceutical industry, the hospitals and doctors really want you to be in good health?

And ask yourself what you really want for yourself in life. The best? Something else?

It is amazing how everyone in life is kidding you and you do not get it. You really believe that they all mean well, that they all really care about you, about your opinions, your needs and wishes. But indeed, they do not care at all. They simply use you. And they entertain you only to keep you in a peaceful mood, to keep you under control. You are just a stupid sheep in the flock, – one of millions of stupid sheep. Who cares about a sheep? But you think that you are important, that your opinion has a meaning. How funny! Can you imagine how your stupidity is causing great fun for the puppet masters. How they laugh at you?

It is time to wake up from the illusions of life and to leave the Punch and Judy show. It is time to understand reality. And it is time to give your life a real meaning.