A simple but effective healing treatment

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this is a script from my webinar for the supportive group of SURA which deals with a simple technique for healing treaments. You can use it for your own, for your beloved ones and certainly you can tell others about this technique to support the healing work on our planet.

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Supportive Healing Group:
The main aspects of a useful healing treatment
by Ray del Sole, © 2013

Script with key points:

The secret anatomy of the human being, health itself, the nature of diseases and healing treatments are topics which every spiritual seeker has to study and to practice. Every real master is initiated in this knowledge and every real master is able to give healing treatments, to himself and others. So indeed these topics are basics and certainly at the same time high arts.
It is also a spiritual duty to help if possible. So when God, creation sends someone on your way who is in imbalance, who needs healing, then you are asked to help him in the name of divine love and compassion. Your higher intuition will tell you if you can and should help him, so you will know it for sure.
Healing treatments certainly depend on your abilities and knowledge. I want to show here a simple healing treatment which everyone can use for himself and for other people or animals, creatures of all kinds but also for spaces, houses, landscapes, etc. or complex communities like partnerships, companies, societies, etc.
You can use this technique alone or with others to increase the power and the effects.
There are a few main aspects of health and diseases:
1. Health means balance and diseases mean imbalance
2. Imbalance shows up in general on all planes – thoughts, emotions, behavior > circumstances of life
3. Imbalance means too much or too less activity of the chakras and of good/bad/wasted energies
4. Imbalance is in main caused by blockades in the energy system
5. Blockades are in main bad, ill and wasted energies in the energy system, the energy channels and chakras
6. These energies are dense, of a low frequency, without vitality, sticky, slimy, stinking and dangerous for a healthy energy system as they hinder or stop the energy flow
7. Such dirty energies can pollute single organs, regions, chakras, nadis but also corresponding areas and areas which are connected over a distance. So for example if you have a blockade in your foot then this can have bad effects on your head.
8. Blockades cause normally weakness, a lack of vitality in the corresponding area or in the whole body
9. The body needs much vital energy to feed his self-healing processes organized by the inner intelli-gence of the body. Here the vital energy is processed into different colored energies for special purposes. If the body is too weak for this work, he needs light which can be processed easier and faster for healing.
10. Besides blockades and wasted energies, the body can be a victim of bad influences and of energetic parasites which misuse him as a host. Additionally energetic wounds and bad energy structures can exist. Wounds have to be closed and healed. Bad structures have to be dissolved.

And here are some main aspects of healing and of giving a healing treatment:
1. We can derive from the statements above that the human being is a self-organizing system with the intelligence and power to heal itself.
2. We can support these self-healing processes by the supply of vital energy or light.
3. Then we have the wasted energies which block the natural energy flow. This means a clearing is necessary. This is valid also for the parasites and bad influences. Additionally protection against new parasites and bad influences is useful.
4. Clearing and vitalization, feeding with fresh energies are two most important aspects which should take place in a parallel way or alternating way, starting with clearing and later the bigger focus is on giving energy. At last protection can be installed.
5. The third important aspect is the installing of the divine connection, by activating crown and heart chakra and feeding them with spiritual energies. Only then the person is centered and connected to the natural-divine order – for a good intuition, balance and health.
6. Healing takes time and often it takes a repeated clearing and supply of healing energies until the person is stabilized/healed.
The technique itself:
1. Get into an active meditation state where you are able to focus on the person (object) who needs support or healing. If necessary get a picture of the person or an object to connect with energetically.
2. Now set yourself into a wonderful space of fine light and rose pink love. You are in a space of divine light and love. Become completely aware about this fact and feel it, increase this feeling of love and this awareness of divine light surrounding you.
3. Now call on the angels and masters of love, light and healing to support this healing treatment for best possible results. Speak from your heart. For example “In the name of divine love and compassion I call on you, angels and masters of love, light and healing! Please join me and support the clearing, healing and reconnection to the divine spirit of ……! May …. receive light, love and healing as deep and as much as it is lawful, good and feasible! I am deeply grateful for your blessings, your guidance, your support and protection!”
4. The angels and masters hear your call and join you. Maybe you can feel their presence or you can see them. Nevertheless they are there and support you.
5. Now think or imagine that you are in this space of love and light, that angels and masters of healing are there and that the person who needs the treatment is also there. This person is somewhere in front of you, smiling, happy, thankful and open, ready to receive enlightenment, clearing, healing, love and light in great amounts. And maybe you can already sense how the angels and masters let big streams of spiritual energies flow to him, into him, how he is filled with love and light, cleared from all the dirty energies, radiating higher energies. This is wonderful to experience.
6. Your job is now to keep this idea for at least half an hour. You stay in this situation of love, light, healing, with the angels and the masters working on the person.
7. Additionally you can focus on your breathing. Every time you inhale your inhale love and light and so does the person. Indeed you connect your breathing with the breathing of the person in a natural rhythm and every time you both inhale air, you inhale love and light from the space which is surrounding you. And so you transform your nature more and more to love and light. This is good for healing (both of you).
8. Love and light plus the special healing energies of the angels have a great clearing and healing, also enlightening effect. Love and light have certainly also a good protective quality.
9. After a good while you probably have the intuition, the feeling that the treatment is finished, – for the moment, as the patient needs always time after a treatment to process it – his self-healing processes need time to cause all necessary changes in his body. So when you have the impression that for the moment everything is done for the person, then call again on the angels and masters. For example: “Dear angels and masters of love, light and healing, I am deeply grateful for your help and I thank you very much in the name of divine love and compassion for all what you have done for ….! Please be so kind to continue his healing and please bless …. with your protection and guidance so that he is able to learn his lesson well! Thank you and good-bye!”
10. Now you can come back into the material realms again. Probably you will still enjoy the love and light which you have inhaled and you experience their great healing and refining power. Everyone loves your positive radiance.

Further aspects:
1. You can do this session for your own.
2. You can do this session for someone who needs it AND for you at the same time.
3. You can do it for more than one person. Just imagine them all sitting in this space of love and light. Every time you inhale love and light, they inhale it too – connected breathing.
4. You can do this with a group of people. Here you make an appointment where all the “healers” sit in a circle and all “patients” are in the center. Then you synchronize your breathing of love and light.
5. The more people are included, the more problems for imagination occur BUT there is no necessity to imagine them all. Necessary is only to be completely aware that they are all there and they are there with you. On the other hand the more people take part, the stronger can be the treatment. But as you have support by angels and masters, this is not a decisive point.
6. Have always in mind that there are reasons for the imbalance of the patient. This person has to learn something and to change something in his life, in his way to think, in his emotions and in his behavior. So healing has to come along with learning the lesson and for this it is good to leave the frame of healing up to God so that it is lawful and to ask for guidance to understand the lesson and to ask for the power to make the necessary changes. (Look at the special design of the prayers.)
7. This also means that we cannot decide by our personal wishes, by our egos what and how deep things should be healed. We have to pay respect to the higher sense of the problems of the patient. God, the angels and masters know exactly what is lawful, good and right, so we leave it up to them and wish for the best.
8. In fact it is good and lawful to send someone love and light and to wish him divine support for the lessons he has to learn in life. Healing is always a matter of true love and compassion. And in fact when you ask for healing, love and light for someone then you receive it too, directly or indirectly according to the law of karma. And certainly this is a way of balancing your own karma. Not good is to proclaim yourself as a great healer as this feeds only the ego and lets you fall one day. So silence is in general very good and useful. When you send out love and light to the world, then the world will respond with love and light. You will see.
9. As I have said already you can use this technique also for the clearing, healing and refinement of the energy of an object like a room or a house. Here just imagine that the room or house is in front of you or in the center of the circle of healers and that the angels and masters work on it. Additionally you can let the room/house inhale love and light.
10. This works also for whole companies or a school class or another social complex or the participants of a seminar or your clients, etc.
11. You can repeat such a session after a while, after a few days. Follow your intuition, give the patient time for all healing processes. And in best case try to get feedback, directly or indirectly. The person does not need to know about this healing treatment but subconsciously he will know and will show somehow in his behavior towards you his love and gratitude. Small imbalances need certainly only one treatment and big imbalances probably several treatments. The earlier the treatment is given the better and faster a healing can take place.
12. A last aspect: Life is not always about healing and so you can also ask for fortune, blessings, inspiration, protection, guidance, the unfolding of special talents, abilities, etc. Use love and light as well but ask for special, corresponding angels and maybe masters. For every field in life and for every aspect of the human being there are specialized angels who you can call for help, support, blessings, enlightenment, etc.

We all need love. We all need compassion. We all need healing in many ways. And this not only once but from time to time. Everyone who really wants to enjoy life, to experience health, success, abundance and progress on his spiritual path need love, light and healing. Altogether they mean balance, vitality and also refinement, growth. And indeed there is nothing better than to spread love and light in the world, to restore health and happiness, to show true compassion for all beings. The process of learning here in the material world comes along with many problems, hurts and imbalances, so there is always the need for healing and balancing to be able to move on.

May this simple technique be a blessing for all good souls and our fellow beings on earth!

In love, light and service

Ray del Sole