The psychopathology of the intellect

The intellect is a fascinating topic from the spiritual point of view and especially in our time. I must admit that this topic comes along with so much darkness and destruction but on the other hand it is some funny aspects.
Imagine a little child among grown up giants. The child shows not the slightest respect to the giants and proclaims “I am the greatest! I am the strongest! I am the king! You have to follow me! I have total knowledge and you know nothing! I am the best! No one is greater than me, – never! Everyone has to listen to me! What I say is the truth! I am simply absolute, the overall champion, the one and only, etc…..” Until today this little child has been nice and normal but today it is impudent, bad, selfish and it has perverted the order. Today it is the ruler of the giants. The giants suffer under the brainwashing terror of the nasty child and follow it although they know deep inside that there is something wrong, that it can´t be right that a child is telling them what to do. This nasty child behaves like Rumpelstiltskin, the nasty dwarf of the fairy tale.
This small metaphor says much about the intellect and his dominant position today. The intellect appears today as an undeveloped megalomaniac and indeed limited part of the human nature which tries to dominate all other aspects in a very unhealthy way. This is the result of the materialistic-atheistic society and the according science. In the materialistic-atheistic world view there is no real place for wisdom, for intuition, for feelings, for a holistic understanding, for higher aspects of the human nature, for the invisible world and also not for the knowledge of our forefathers. When this world view was established, a cut was made with our history, with culture, belief, with our values, with our origins and all the knowledge from our ancestors. These so-called scientists and representatives of materialism proclaimed that they were more knowing, cleverer, etc. than mankind thousands of years so far. They spit in the face of our ancestors and proclaimed that everything so far was just nonsense, stupid belief because of ignorance and that NOW science starts. But they did not understand that their materialistic-atheistic world view is just a belief too and not more. In fact these materialists were those people where our ancestors have warned about throughout the centuries. They knew that materialism is a different word for death, for darkness, for destruction and the waiting abyss. Just the wonderful things which we have to face today, – the problems of mankind.
The basis of materialism and atheism is the intellect. And intellect means nothing else than the ability to count one and one together, – mathematics, being rational, thinking like a computer, being objective and with this superior to all other human aspects like emotions, intuition, etc. The intellect became the new and worshipped God, the overall ruler. This disharmony in the human life, in education, science, society, business, economics and political actions has caused so far so much suffering, so many problems.
When we look at our sciences, for example, what can we see? People who do not ask for the sense of their research, their work but only for money, focused on increasing the amount of data daily without any wisdom, without ethics and one of the biggest problems is that these scientists do not speak with each other but are specialized, losing the holistic understanding of creation.
Imagine that there is one specialized scientist for every single body part of an elephant, – one for each foot, one for each ear, one for the trunk, one for the tail, etc. All have only specialized knowledge but they do not speak with each other. BUT every scientist wants to discover the nature of the elephant! Can you understand that this simply cannot work at all? So how do scientists can be ever able to understand the nature of humans and creation when they study only smallest parts but never the overall picture?
And due to this with have “brilliant” scientists who work their whole life on trying to explain the universe, the human being, etc. without any real chance. They are brilliant, they have a great intellect but they are simply to specialized, to focused on a single area of research and so they are too limited to understand the whole picture.
This is one thing. Another thing is that the intellect is like a computer which serves certain interests, in parts selfish interests, money, fame, power and so the intellect or “scientific research” can be used easily to find good reasons for evil actions.
The intellect is originally just a tool of the mind to process ideas, intuition, perception. The intellect is just the servant of the intuitive perception and understanding of the world. The intellect is neutral and very limited to simple operations. Without guidance by human values, by wisdom and by love, by compassion, the intellect turns easily into an instrument of darkness. And I must say that it is interesting, fascinating who easily this happens. And all those who are not prepared will become easily victims of this perversion, this misuse.
Today we have endless examples of the misuse of the intellect and so-called rational scientific research. This misuse serves always the same aims – more control, more power, more money. In main people try to launch bad news, fears about the future, about diseases, the doom of the world, etc. “Our scientists have discovered that the doom is near because we produce too much xyz. We can only stop this by cutting your rights and by making you pay more money!”
This is already bad or evil but this is not the crown. The crown of the misuse of the intellect and science is really a matter of psychopathology. Psychopaths consist of an interesting mixture of pure intellect, superficial charm, unscrupulousness, selfishness, manipulation and ignorance of consequences. They are masters in the misuse of the intellect and intellectual discussions. This is very fascinating to examine and most people get easily entrapped in their “scientific logic”.
One very nice example is the idea of overpopulation. “Scientific research says that we suffer from overpopulation and all the massive problems which come along. We have enough statistics which prove these facts. If we do not reduce this overpopulation in the near future, mankind is damned for doom. Scientists say that our world can take only two billion humans to keep a healthy balance. So we have maybe five billions too much. Logical consequence – we have to get rid of them quickly. An artificial epidemic would be useful or a world war or the killing of old, ill and criminal people, etc. Then the problem is solved!”
This is logical, isn´t it? It is ugly but logical, right? It is a necessity.
Now you do not like it and you have objections like this is not good, it is perverse, insane, etc.
“I understand you but science says this and that. We simply have no other choice. And we scientists know that the human being is not rational enough for straight actions, that humans like to ignore unpleasant decisions but someone has to make it.”
Now you understand that your ignorance is well-known by scientists and there is no other solution. Right? Science is always so convincing and the intellect is always right. And now we can move on to get rid of the five-billion-problem. They will understand that their death is a logical necessity. Right? And if not, we cannot care about this.
So this was one nice example of the ill misuse of the intellect and science and its great power of manipulation. The overpopulation is an old topic which is at the moment present again thanks to the book “Inferno” by Dan Brown. It is fascinating how the two protagonists discuss this problem and how easily Langdon – the professor – can be convinced about the necessity to get rid of the majority of mankind.
Discussion about how to get rid of the majority of people worldwide are not fiction. They are real, they are serious and there are people with a lot of power, money and influence who work on it – seeing themselves as the great altruistic servants of mankind and this planet.
So what can we do? Do we have to sacrifice so many people as soon as possible?
In fact there are countless errors in reasoning. The research of the scientists is certainly limited as their understanding of the world is limited. Also there predictions are limited and depend on the calculation factors they use. And the whole logic is very one-dimensional. There is simply not a single scientist who is able to predict the future, not for tomorrow and not for the next ten or hundred years. And the main factor has not been regarded – the adaptability of human beings, of creation. Then future developments cannot be calculated, etc. And in fact who has the right to kill anyone because of such ideas?
So in conclusion – equal which “scientific bad news” are proclaimed – always question them! So far we have survived all the bad news of the last hundred years, all the diseases, all the destruction, all the threats, etc. The most evil thing we have to face is the intellect combined with selfishness, without wisdom, without compassion. So beware of the psychopathic intellect!
Unfortunately there are a lot of psychopaths in positions of great power worldwide and they are the source of evil, of all the problems we have to face today.
Take care and train your own intellect to understand the errors in reasoning before you get entrapped!